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Originally Posted by Arrowwind09 View Post
See, I told you, my attention to mms2 has been lacking. Hypochlorus acid is essentially the same thing as your normal stomach acid which will really burn badly if an ulcer is present. If it burned you it is because the lining of your stomach does have errosion, an ulcer... at this point the specific cause unknown, most commonly h-plyori.

Ulcers can be caused by stress and the way this works is that under stress, the fight or flight hormones turn off stomach acid secretion, making you vulnerable to a pathogenic invasion of the lining of the stomach.

The mms1 may heal it. But for any wound you need to give it a good 20 days of healing before considering the tissues to be of totally repaired integrity. So I would not repeat the mms2 until then and only if you have had no pain in the interm. Taking coconut oil will speed things up probably a little. It is known to cure ulcers also, aside from that its very good for you. the ulcer will only heal if the bacteria causing the problem is eliminated so if you get pain again look for a different treatment. Resume mms2 after it is fully healed as you do not want to reaggravate a leasion that is not fully healed. The normal healthy lining of the stomach is resiliant to hypochlorus acid.

Also if any particular foods give you stomach pain cut back on that till you are well. Often in ulcer cases the doctor recommends an antacid pill and to cut back on acid stimulating food like meat and dairy, as the acid is required to digest them, but will also digest the lining of your stomach though the ulcer wound. Since you generally don't have stomach pain you probably don't need baking soda or an antacid pill, but a mild diet that does not stimulate HCL release is helpful until healed. Perhaps you are just on the edge of developing ulcers.

Your first line of defence to pathogens coming in orally is the acid in your stomach. It should be high. So after all is done you will need to figure out if you need supplemental enzymes and Betain HCL supplements for a while as I said in my other post so you don't get another ulcer/infection.
Great then. Things are much clearer and I am clear in the course of action I will follow. Your info has been both valuable and informative. Thank you again for spending the time helping.

Love and blessings to you

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Default MMS and Candida

Hi Caroline45!
Wow thanks for posting your ordeal?!! I've been struggling w/a bad bout of candida for about 1 yr. I've taken MMS off/on...now doing colonics...well 1 really and plan on more. It helped a lot. But I was wondering if you can do some experimentation w/JUST MMS and Candida?!! I'm debating whether I should take MMS 3 drops more than what I did before...which was only 2x/day. every hour is a lot?! Couldn't do it before...detoxed too much...But if I knew for sure MMS killed candida in the gut I'd definitely try harder?!!

I take Mg 07 sometimes which is an oxygen based product also...

Originally Posted by caroline45 View Post
Recently I was diagnosed with Intestinal Candida, I also found out at the same time that I had some rather exotic parasites probably picked up in India while working with street children. I started taking black walnut for the parasites and threelac for the Candida as well as changing my diet.

I had two colonics which produced much mucus revealing that the Candida was fairly aggressive. I had just purchased a dark field microscope which had first alerted me to the Candida. Being a fairly novice user I went to a specialist whom confirmed my findings. I was checking my blood daily and was horrified at the disgusting parasites I was seeing in two out of three tests. I felt that if I was seeing them in nearly all my blood tests that I was must be riddled with them. The parasites never moved so I believe they were in my blood because they were dead and probably slipping in via leaky gut. That obviously meant there were many more alive in my gut.

I had a bottle of MMS that I bought a few years ago when Jim Humble first talked about it in Nexus magazine and decided to give it a try. I started with 6 drops but very quickly jumped to ten then 15 drops all the time watching my blood. My neutrophils and other white blood cells had been virtually comatose being overrun with all sorts of bacteria being produced by my own acidic terrain. Within 24 hours of taking MMS my white blood cells were viable again. Although I was getting a bit of the big D I was delighted with my wbc's and upped my doses.

Beginning on a Monday I started taking mms every 2 hours @ 15 drops (always on empty stomach)Tuesday morning I took 17 drops followed by another 17 two hours later, I then did an enema with ozonated water and a few drops of 35% peroxide, I never got to finish the enema as I had to dash to the loo. I had massive big D and quite fierce stomach pains, I was a bit concerned I had gone over the top but decided ridding my body of these nasty critters was worth it. At this point it was really the parasites I was aiming to rid my body of. Ten minutes after the big D eased up I had gripping pains similar to labour pains. On going to the bathroom I passed massive amounts of blood and mucus, this happened 4 times in the next hour, each time quite painful but the mucus and blood eventually lessened. I placed a tiny amount of the bloody mucus on a slide and was astonished to see it full of Candida fungus. The losing of mucus and blood carried on most of the day and night, mostly in small amounts. It was only the first few large discharges of mucus discharge that had Candida the rest were full of various wormy looking parasites.

The next day I had to cut the mms back to 7 drops for the day as my stomach felt really sore, as if it had been ripped inside. It took about 4 days for the soreness to wear off. Despite the soreness I was still feeling, the following day I got back to the 15 drops taking it every 4 hours. On testing my blood I found the biggest worms I had seen to date and they were blood red not transparent like I had seen before. They had increased in numbers as well, two or three in each sample. I tested my urine which also showed up smaller parasites. This turned out to be the last time I saw any parasites. This all happened two weeks ago, I have taken daily samples of blood, none show parasites. My stool and urine are also clear. I am hoping they have all been killed off and are out of my body. I do not know if all the Candida fungus came away that first day, I can only hope it has. I would estimate that I discharged half a liter of mucus and blood altogether.

Tuesday this week I had a colonic which produced no mucus at all; my doctor was really surprised due to the large amounts being removed in my previous sessions. She also said my colon was moving fine unlike the action during the previous two colonics For a while I intend staying on mms in case of parasite eggs that may be lingering somewhere. When and if proven clear I will stay on small weekly doses which I can see help my immune system. My blood is in a much better condition and does not deteriorate as it did.

I have uploaded a few of the pictures I took via my dark field scope. The first 4 are a parasite in my blood x 40. It was to big to fit in one view. The last is candida fungus.There is a three minute unedited video on youtube showing just the fungus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37qDeF0NMrE
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Default MMS

Originally Posted by caroline45 View Post
Sorry to all for not following up sooner on this story.

I do not believe the Candida has gone away. I also believe that is my own fault.

Over an extended period starting beginning of December I decided I was a lot better and relapsed big time on my diet. Too much booze and all the other Christmas stuff.

I do feel a lot better than I did before but my blood tells a different story.

I am still very grateful for MMS as I believe it got rid major parasites at the time. I have not seen any since the ones I posted.

I am starting MMS again today as my blood shows a lot of rod bacteria and mucor is rampant.

It is possible there were parasite eggs that I missed.

I had stopped looking at my own blood as I knew I should not be behaving the way I have been.

Such is life, I have enjoyed myself and I am in the fortunate position of being able to control Candida with my various gadgets.

I have an ozone generator so will start using insufflations again, I now believe it was the insufflations combined with the peroxide enema's which got rid of the massive amount of strange mucus coating my large intestine rather than the MMS.

I believe anyone with Candida should have regular colonics or even better regular enemas with food grade peroxide.
Dear Caroline
When you were taking the MMS what were you mixing it with? I imagine fruit juice would be bad for the Candida but water would taste so horrible....
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Default candida

Thanks for the reply. I have done 15 colonics now and am better but still cannot eat any refined sugars! And have to watch fruit which is the hardest as we have many fruit trees. Right now awesome navel juicy ORANGES?! I heard a DR say that Candida also can be aerobic???!

There is a product called ZONOX...olive oil w/ozone. Can get at Robert Harrison's website from Homer, Alaska.

I'm trying that although it has a dieoff reaction (I have eczema is my candida symptom so it makes it ITCHIER!? but will keep trying).

Wish there was some easy way to get rid of it?? I
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Default Can anyone recomend a digital microscope with darkfield capability

Hi All, I read all this post and am rather hoping things have moved on a bit and that it's possible to buy the above. I have no knowledge of miscrocopes and don't really understand darkfield, but I realise that a digital microscope is likely to be cheaper than a microscope / camera combo

here's hoping someone knows,
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A digital microscope is not darkfield and will not provide the same results.. that they might eventually make a digital dark field I guess is possible but you really have to read thematerial provided to understand the difference. Microscopes typically used in labs will not show what a dark field can see.
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." Marcus Aurelius
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