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Default MMS Question

How long does a person wait after taking mms, to take a multi vitamin? How long does mms stay in your system, I have read 2 hours and I have read 12 hours, so I am confused. Also, is it ok to take it with spring water, or to mix the citric acid with spring water, is there any difference? Is it ok to drink when taking mms as well? How long should a person wait if so? And how about taking meds, do you continue, is there any reactions? Sorry if these questions are repeated, I have just read so many different answers. thanks -kim
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Default MMS time

You can take a multi-vitamin two to three hours after MMS since its prime time in the body 2 hours after taking it. The reason why I say after is because multi vitamins have vitamin c in them and it would prevent the mms from being effective in the body so its better to take the multi vitamin afterwards. MMS can linger in the body for up to 12 hours but not very high amount of it. The first two or three hours after taking mms is when its working in the blood most effectively.

Yes you can mix citric acid with spring water or filtered water but it always works best with distilled since theres no other compounds in it. Never with tap water cause its loaded with other things.

If your taking meds then just seperate your mms from your pills by 2-3 hours and of course that same rule applies to vitamins. If your taking vitamins just seperate them from your meds by a few hours vice verca. Make sure you drink plenty of water to while using mms cause whatever your killing in the blood needs to flush out. Kudos!
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thank you, i have sort of been taking mms off and on, scared to get the ill feelings I guess, when I first took it a few weeks ago, I was up to 5 drops in the am and pm, then I started getting this tingling all over my body, lasted for quite some time. So I quit taking it. That went away, then i got the cold/flu, so started again, about 5-6 drops for 2 days, then got that tingling again, so quit taking it. Was basically over the cold/flu. But 2 days ago, got the cold/flu back again, started on the mms again, about 4-5 drops through out the day, got the tingles again, was reading and thought maybe it was magnesium that was lacking in my body, because of the mms? So am still taking mms and yesterday, took the mag and multi vitamin. Not over the cold/flu yet, but doesn't seem to have gotten any worse. I am scared to take too much mms, don't like the tingly feeling. I had been in a motor cycle accident over a yr ago, have been dealing with chronic pain ever since. I have a 3rd degree ligament tear in my shoulder, also had twisted ribs that seem to be even more of a problem, inflammation. All sorts of problems anyway. I just don't like pain, anymore. So am going to go very slow on the mms, very slow. Just hope that if I keep taking the mms, as well as the vitamins and minerals, that it will still work to clean out my system. I know it needs cleaning out. Had also had many symptoms of anxiety, fibromialgia in the past. I take ezorb calcium, that seemed to help a lot with the fibro, that is, until the accident lol. Maybe mms will get my body back.
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Default mms alternative for Kimmie

To Kimmie,
MMS is not the only support out there. For detox, you can take 2 table spoons of raw honey and 2 table spoons of Bragg's raw vinegar in warm but not too hot water twice a day. I really like it.

If you have something to kill, you have many choices. Oreganol is a very good Oregano oil, and Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed extract is very good. In addition, Lugol's Iodine is a good antibiotic.

Further cleansing can be done by Broken Cell Wall Chlorella. I like Source Natural's Yaeyama Chlorella. It will take out heavy metals. I'm about to try some Indol-3-Carbinol by Now, which purportedly is good to neutralize pesticides, even Agent Orange used in Viet Nam.

You can research a lot of forums and short publications on these topics online. Iherb.com has a lot of reviews of almost everything they sell which are also helpful to see what has worked.

I've had good success with Grapeseed Extract, Vitamin C, and Glucoseamine/Chondroitin Sulfate for cartilage and ligament repair. When Vitamin C is protected from oxidation by Grapeseed Extract, it becomes a CoEnzyme which starts connective tissue synthesis, which is the first step in making a tendon, ligament, cartilage or bone.

So perhaps you should set the MMS aside, and focus on other nutritional supplements for support. I'm almost certain that I have a systemic Candida infection, and am now using MMS for it. It is the best so far, and today, when I spit into a glass of water, my saliva floated on top for the first time. I probably could have defeated it with Lugol's solution complemented by homeopathic remedies and probiotics if MMS was not available.

I think doing this research will give you a better understanding of natural healing, and identify other supplements which will help you in ways MMS cannot.
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