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Default niacin

Is flushfree just as good as regular niacin?
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flush free is time release, regular niacin is not and hits you all at once, comparatively. the rest you will have to decide on your own. my personal belief is that neither is "better" than the other, and they are not necessary if one simply eats right.

the thing about foods is that all of the chemicals work together to perform a function, when one takes isolated chemicals, they do not get this effect, and may in fact be putting themselves at unnecessary risk.
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Using Niacin to Improve Cardiovascular Health
In addition to the suggestions Dr Davis makes to minimize or even eliminate niacin-induced hot flushes I would include the use of Quercetin.

I find if I have some quercetin about 20mins before I go to bed and then take my niacin as I get into bed I find I'm fast asleep (I sometimes use melatonin as well) before the niacin flush occurs (if it does) I don't know or care if I remain asleep through it.
A quercetin containing supplement reduces niacin-induced flush in humans.
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The flush with the niacin is helpful to open the circulation and move nutrients into areas that they may not get as well. It is critical to use the flushing niacin if you are treating cardiac or vascular issues.

Most alt docs say to use regular niacin
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Flush free (Inositol Hexanicotinate) should be alright. Slow release is not very good though. It makes the liver work longer on the toxic exposure, causing high release of liver enzymes over a longer period. If you find Inositol Hxanicotinate, the niacin will be release from the inositol slowly and avoid the high enzyme release from the liver. This form should be alright for you. Other forms of flush free are not so good.

If you are concerned about the flush during the day, just change your schedule and take it at night, before bed. After a while, you will get use to it, and the body won't flush so badly. Some people are satisfied by taking a small amount and working up.
- Jim
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