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Default has anyone applied dmso to a dog?

I have a friend that wants to try DMSO for her german shepherd who is having hip problems and a lot of pain.

I am going to give her some of mine. Unfortunately, I don't have my roll on applicator, so I am giving her a little spray bottle.

I was going to tell her to wash the area. Then put on rubber gloves, part the hair, try to spray on the skin, part the hair a little bit away, spray a little more, etc. not too much so that it is dripping - but just rub around a little with the rubber glove. And spray with a little distilled water if the dog seems as if it is stinging or if the area gets a little red.

any suggestions?
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I've never used it on my own pets, but I've heard that with dogs, the hair must be shaven off in the affected area, so that it can be made clean before application.
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Just a reminder that DMSO is the mother of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). No scientific data on either one of them, but that is par for the course of alt med.
- Jim

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DMSO can break down the rubber and transfer it, the rubber or plastic, into the dog and into her.

there is absolutley nothing dangerous about dmso. Your friend should not be afraid to apply it with her hands. Many doctors give it by IV.

DMSO is fda approved for use in humans, dogs, horses
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Bioflow Magnetic dog collars are very good for Alsations and Labs hip displasia and other arthritic conditions.

They have a unique patented 'Central Reverse Polarity' feature which gives a pulsed magnetic field which appears to be more effective than the cheap static magnetic field dog collars. I dont know whether they still do, but they used to have a 3 month sale or return if you werent satisfied.

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It probably would be best to shave the area - but I was thinking that if she just washed the area, that should be enough. I found a plastic bottle with a long pointed spout (like you use for hair dye or toner), so I was thinking that after she cleaned the area, she could part the hair, use the long spout to pour some directly on the skin between the parted hair, pat it around, then part some more hair, and repeat until the area was done.

how about some other types of gloves? The reason I would use gloves is the last time I tried applying it with my fingers, it ended up drying out my fingers quite a bit (because I wasn't paying attention to them, but to the area I was applying it to). I ended up with much more on my fingers than elsewhere, and it took a while to get my fingers rehydrated. it was uncomfortable. so.. I would prefer gloves for that reason or something to slow down absorption by the fingers.

that's why I got a roller, and apply it with that so I don't have to touch it. but.. I don't have a fur coat, so a roller is fine. Probably not as good for a dog.
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