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Default muscle pain

the muscle in my forearm has been sore for weeks now,it feels like a pulled muscle but I dont recall having done anything spectacular to injure it
I have tried massage, heat rubs and magnesium oil they didnt help at all
I put my arm in a sling for a day that helped a bit until I started using my arm again then the pain came back , any suggestions as to what else I can try?
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I suspect it is tendonitis. Do you have pain in the base of your thumb/heel of your hand? Arnica cream/gel rubbed into the painful area should be helpful. A mentholated product rubbed into the area could be helpful, too, like Watkins Mentholatum or Vicks. Tendonitis takes a long time to heal. There is always a residual weakness after one has suffered a case of tendonitis. One has to limit use of hand and arm, especially avoiding torquing movements.
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If it is tendonitis, try Aleve twice a day for a few days. (And keep it at rest as much as possible). If it lightens up, then go to a health food store and get some natural antiinflammatory capsules / pills and use those). When I mention Aleve, of course its western medicine, but I am just telling you to do it for a few days. The issues occur when people take it daily for months. Then they need proton pump inhibitor drugs to counterbalance the effects of the antiinflammatory. then a few months later they need somthing to counter the side effects of the stomach drug etc etc etc
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Try trigger point massage. When you feel muscular pain it is usually because various bands of muscle fiber have knotted like a ball, shortening the muscle and effecting tension on interconnected muscles. You need to find this trigger point and apply sufficient pressure to produce a relief.You can learn to do it from the book: The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook:Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief You can get this book as low as $6.73 with shipping used.
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I just came across this and wonder if it would help. I really trust Dr Donsbachs products... he took me from severe pain to full recovery many years ago

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Audi I would try a Bowen Therapist,hubby had a similar thing about a month ago, his whole arm ached, we worked out that one of the dogs he was playing with had playfully bitten near his wrist, and must have hit a nerve, it had been painfull for several days, and our son came around, to see us so hubby told him about it, and he did some Bowen muscle moves on him, and it was pretty much gone the next day, and was back to normal after a couple of days.Bowen is a very gentle therapy.
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thank you so much everyone, there are so many treatments to try I shall work my way through them, dont think it is tendonitis there is no pain in the fingers only in the forearm from wrist to biceps on the inside of the arm.
thanks again
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