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Red face Leg Problems! Am I Alone?

Hi. I've been struggling with multiple leg issues for a few years now (I'm 25) and I'm thinking it may be related to circulation, water retention, or related issue. I have some form of restless leg syndrome because when I sit for too long, I absolutely MUST get up and walk around to alleviate the discomfort. I don't have as many problems at night, but my outer thighs feel stiff in the morning. I have a computer job where I sit for 40 hours a week, which doesn't help matters. I also have lumpy, tender sore spots on the upper part of my legs around my hamstrings and inner/outer thighs which massage seems to help, but I can't afford to get massages all the time. I'm also rapidly developing cellulite around my thighs and the back of my legs, and found my first spider vein recently--not cool. I work out regularly (jogging) but it doesn't seem to be enough to counteract the sitting I do at work. I've tried compression stockings which help a little, but not enough. Do you have any suggestions for me that will help my legs and ways I can reverse this degenerative process? Thanks!

P.S. So far I've tried compression stockings, heating pads, hot baths, exercise, magnesium supplements...to no avail.
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Try a glass of tonic water an hr before bed
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You need to find another job. I know you probably don't want to hear this but your constitution is not coping well with the demands you are putting upon it... and at such a young age your prognosis for the coming years is not good.

Massage your own legs. Lears some simple acupressure. Take pycogenol 150mg a day. Get up every hour from yor work and walk and do about 15 foot pushups... dont really know what to call them ... stand flat on your feet and raise your heels and go down. Start with 15 and increase slowly... very slowly... Ive crippled my self with this exercise. eventually stand on a 2 or 3 inch block and do the pushup with your heels droping down and inch or so.

I have paid the price with my legs also with my work... but geesh, it took me 25 years to develop proplems from the excessive demands I put upon them.

When I had excessive leg pain after shifts I couldnt sleep and restless leg was part of the picture also. I used homeopathy to get rid of it. I made a combo remedy of Miric acid and picric acid... if I recall right, 30c potency, put in a liqiud dropper bottle, taken daily. In a week or so it was gone and never came back but I cant say that this would work for you as the remedies were specifically selected for me.. but since they are almost specific for this problem it might.
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Receptionists at my doctors off switched out their chairs for those large exercise balls, supposedly better for back and legs, because you can roll back and forth a bit throughout the day.
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Thanks for the feedback, guys. I can't really tailor my career around finding a job where I am able to walk half the time and sit half the time. I've had retail jobs where I was on my feet all day and that causes just as many leg problems. I make decent money so my career is just something I have to deal with for now. I will definitely try the pycnogenol, feet push ups, tonic water, and exercise ball! thanks.
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Diosmin could also help. Its a prescription in Europe but we can get it otc here. I use it in the summer or when I travel by plane...it helps circulation in the legs.
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Diet, weight loss and exercise are biggies. Jogging is a bad form of exercise; hard on joints etc.

Hike, bike maybe? I subscribe to the Primal approach for fitness. Easier on your body and easier on your schedule too!
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Vitamin E might well help you. It has gone out of fashion a bit, eclipsed by all the fancy stuff that has come onto the natural health scene in recent years, but it has a long history of use for circulationary disorders and varicose veins/leg ulcers and the like.

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