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Default Post-Nasal Drip

A few years ago I was couching for no reason I could figure out, so I saw a few doctors and the last doctor determined that I suffer ashma based allergies and told me that I should take Clarinex or Zyrtec daily.

Every few nights my post-nasal drip was also really bad that in the middle of the night I would wake up with slight vomiting. It was the worst thing to wake up by by vomiting and I wasn't getting much sleep.

I decided to look for some natural alternatives and started to take vitamin C and also Quercetin and Bromelain and noticed a difference right away. Then when I ran out of Quercetin and Bromelain, I didn't notice a huge difference. Right now I only take 1,000mg of vitamin C in the morning and another 1,000mg at night and I rarely have any issues as I did before. I don't cough anymore and I don't have any issue with the post nasal drip waking me up at night anymore.

The problem is that every now and then one of my nostrils is closed shut and I grab mucinex that clears is up pretty quick. Is there anything that's natural that I can use to replace mucinex?

I have a nasal irrigation system, but I'm just too lazy to do it every day. When I'm actually sick from a cold/flu I do use it then, but just didn't like using it on a daily bases.

I've read everything from garlic, nettel, ginger and a bunch of other herbs that I've never heard of before. I'm just wondering what really works, any studies I can read compared to myths or what people think works, but really doesn't.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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