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I went to the doctors and they did some blood work. It has got a lot better. It isn't sore no more.. it's becoming easier to swallow.. doesn't feel like a lump any more at all.. just a normal throat. But I do still have trouble swallowing solids, (I've been living off of mashed potatoes.) It has been a couple weeks. I really miss eating solid food. So hopefully this gets better.

I do have another problem though. During this whole thing I started getting really scared to swallow. Like I'm scared I'm going to choke. So I have some questions..

What's the chances of a person choking to death on food?
I know 3000 adults die every year, but whats the actual stats of a person choking to DEATH on food?
Oh, and also.. if you take small bites and chew your food, don't laugh or talk when you eat...is it actually possible to still choke to death? Or if you started choking would your body just cough the chewed food back up? Chewed food can't completely block your airway can it?
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Default I am currently having the same problem

I am currently having the same problem. It just started this morning. It's not a sore throat--we all know what that feels like. My throat isn't sore. It'a just like something is stuck, but nothing is actually stuck. The "obstruction" (for lack of a better term) is painful, and it will not go away. Tea does not help me. I love tea. It is not, however, a cure-all. I hope that your doc helped.
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