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Default Lips

Ok here i go again...

3 years ago i had an accident,my upper lip got pretty busted,in the middle and it healed leaving a scar tissue,unstable scar tissue as my doctor called it,and the explanation is that stable scar tissue is just there not causing any problems,the unstable scar tissue is there + causes problems,so in my case the problem was that in the place the scar tissue was my lip would constantly,daily peel off,and it was not exactly dead skin so i couldnt really pull it off bcuz it would tear healthy skin too and end up seriousley hurting...

so 5 months ago i did a lip surgery to fix it,and guess what,it was fixed but now i have a new scar right next to the old one
and in 1 month i can if i want to,do the surgery again to remove the new scar and i will go for it (i dont want to but what can i do,cant live like this,dont want to live like this)

so guys i really did not find anything interesting about lips,and no way im gonna end up putting silicone in there or none of that cr..

anything about lips? cremes? natural remedies,i dont know lips regeneration,something someone???
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