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Unhappy Acne depression...

I'm a 22 year old female and I've had acne since I was 13. I don't remember a time when my skin was clear, which depresses me. I always have at least 3 pimples -- usually more. And the scars never seem to heal, so there are always red spots on my face.

In January I stopped eating meat and dairy products (with the exception of seafood) hoping I could improve my health. I have more energy and physically feel better, but my skin is still the same. I had been using a topical antibiotic, but it wasn't helping at all, so I wanted to try a more natural route. After some advice and research, I decided to start mixing jojoba oil with my moisturizer and using benzoyl peroxide to spot treat. The jojoba oil has made my skin feel wonderful and moisturized (I previously had dry, flaky skin), but it hasn't done anything for my acne.

Now, I have tried Proactiv, exfoliants, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics, jojoba oil, lavender oil, even cutting dairy out of my diet and NOTHING is working. I even sleep on a clean towel every night. I am desperate at this point -- this acne needs to go away. I can't take it anymore.

I am convinced that there must be a natural cure... Something I'm missing... I do use concealer and foundation, but I previously used Bare Minerals only and it didn't make a difference.

Does anyone have any advice? I could really use some help...
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I would suggest taking a zinc supplement. Zinc has been shown to be virtually as effective as antibiotics in tackling acne.
As zinc works synergistically with copper, to avoid creating an imbalance conventional wisdom says you should take 1 mg of copper for every 15 mg of zinc.

A sluggish liver is a major factor in acne. When the system becomes overloaded and the body cannot eliminate toxins through the liver, it will eliminate them through the skin instead.

For the scarring try vitamin E oil/cream.

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hmmm..... acne since age 13. I suspect that your problem is hormone related. Exactly what the treatment would be Im not sure.
Perhaps you are heavy on estrogen or on progesterone. I think the treatment might be to bring the one or the other up to level so they are in balance.
You would have to visit a doctor who does bio-identical hormone replacement therapy... and only bio-identical. Nothing else is acceptible.

One topical antibiotic that has worked wonders for acne is grapefruit seed extract by Nutribiotic. Just put it on the spot only.

I think Dr Jonathan Wright has written something on teenage acne and hormonally related acne... but I will have to dig through stuff to find it.
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Another natural product that might help is Sarsaparilla tablets from the healthfood store.
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