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Default Healing Kidneys + alcohol

So.. it was my birthday the other day and my friends took me to a bar and got me really drunk, at the end of the night I was soo drunk I felt a bit sick and when I tried to drink water it made me feel sick so I just didnt drink any and went to sleep..

Needless to say I woke up pretty dehydrated, my pee was dark, and I drank a coconut, then another one later and water through out the day, but this morning my pee is still dark, although it will probably get better slowly. I just made a nice veggie juice with carrots, cucumbers, celery..

Anyway, I really dont like what I put my body through.. consuming a lot of liquor, then not hydrating properly.. im sure I put my kidneys through a bit of stress..

My question is.. how much damage am I doing from a night like that and is it reversable? Ive read a bit about how the kidneys cant regenerate etc.. but upon further research I found a few dietary supps. etc (phycocyanin) that proportedly can help to heal/regenerate the kidneys.

Im interested in helping my kidneys anyway that I can and hopefully reverse any damage ive done over the years from alcohol consumption. It also concerns me because I saw an ayurvedic doctor a while ago and he told me my kidneys were weak.

Any ideas?
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Experienced drinker here! Unfortunately I turned 50 last month and just cannot put it away like I used to. But for kidneys, get a drink from the chinese grocery store called shou wu chih. Drink one shot a day in a half glass of water for a month.
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What is the colour of your urine? Just regular strong yellow colour, or more like brownish tea-coloured, or red?

Most likely, yeah, you are just dehydrated, and yeah, that is not great for your kidneys. But this one incidence will not have damaged your kidneys that much as long as you've started rehydrating. It usually takes a lifetime of bad choices to ruin your kidneys.

If you want good use of your kidneys in the long run, my best advice is drink enough water, keep your blood pressure and blood sugar controlled, and all the other healthy choices you probably know about (exercise, eat fruits and veggies, for the love of god don't smoke, and so on).
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Well Moxum, kidney stuff is not new for you, right? all your comments about the weid quality of your pee over the past year.

I would only assume that when you go on a binge, even a short one the toll is much more than for any of the rest of us..

I keep telling you MMS. But you do not want to hear.

another helpful additive would be baking soda, one teaspoon in water, in am and pm

Please realize that the treatment protocols in conventional medicine are severely limiited and they really can do dam little.. till you finally need dialysis then they can keep you alive for a while.

Alterntaive medicine does not have much to offer either but one of the biggest I've seen is MMS.

Aside from that consult a oriental medical doctor who is highly skilled in herbs... that is your best bet. They are the only ones that have medicine for kidneys that may work
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Dandelion, the liquid tincture, is rcommended for kidney support and detoxification. https://www.natmedtalk.com/wiki/Dandelion
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I started thinking about this too since I turned 30. They say that the bad habits of when you're in your twenties catches up with you in your 30s, and I did a lot of partying since then.

Anyhow, I researched that He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) is a Chinese herbal supplement that can reverse damage to kidneys and lungs.
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