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Default bleeding roids???

A friend of mine is having problems with rectal bleeding. She says that she has hemmroid problems, but isnt sure if this bleeding she is seeing is roids or if it could be another problem.... If when she has a bowel movement, she is seeing alot of brite red blood... says it sometimes looks like it is in the bowel movement...could this be something else beside hemmroids??? The only time she has any bleeding is when she has the bowel movement.... What else could this be??? She doesnt have insurance, and is afraid to go to the free clinics for something like this.... Any ideas???
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Hello, Just Me.

I obviously can't offer any definitive answer for your friend. But, I'll try to share the best that I know.

I've been told that bright blood, when present during elimination, may mean that the source of the bleeding is close to the point of elimination. In other words, it could be hemorrhoid.

Darker blood could be indicative of a more internal source of bleeding.

I think the best option would be to discuss her symptoms with a doctor, even at the free clinic.

Below, I'll post a description for some of the common symptoms of hemorrhoids. This may encourage your friend to seek an actual diagnosis.

I will tell you this ... for bleeding hemorrohoids, I've often suggested the bioflavonoid Rutin. The typical dosage, that I've suggested, is 500 mg twice-a-day. The feedback has been very positive. And, it's an inexpensive supplement. If you order online, it shouldn't be more than $5 a month. A few good brands are Country Life and Now Foods.

And now for the symptoms:



Bleeding during bowel movements, itching, and rectal pain are the most common hemorrhoid symptoms.

External hemorrhoids

Rectal pain occurs mainly with external hemorrhoids. Blood may pool under the skin, forming a hard, painful lump. This is called a thrombosed, or clotted, hemorrhoid. You might also notice streaks of blood on the toilet paper after straining to pass a stool.

Internal hemorrhoids

The most common symptom of internal hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding. You may find bright red streaks of blood on the toilet paper or bright red blood in the toilet bowl after having a normal bowel movement. Blood also may be visible on the surface of the stool.
Other symptoms of internal hemorrhoids may include:
  • Itching. This is a frequent complaint, because internal hemorrhoids often seep mucus, which can irritate the anal skin and cause itching.
  • Skin irritation. Large hemorrhoids that bulge from the anus may secrete mucus, causing mild irritation.
  • Discomfort. You may still feel the urge to pass stool right after having a bowel movement. This uncomfortable feeling is caused by the bulging of the hemorrhoid in the end portion of the large intestine (anal canal). In general, the larger the hemorrhoid, the greater the discomfort.
  • Pain. Most internal hemorrhoids are not painful. However, large hemorrhoids that bulge from the anus may become painful if they swell and are squeezed by the muscles that control the anus. Severe pain may be a sign that the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is being cut off (strangulated hemorrhoid). Emergency treatment is needed.
Rectal bleeding and pain and recent changes in bowel habits are also symptoms of colon, rectal, or anal cancer. People who have these symptoms, especially those age 50 or older or those with a family history of colon cancer, should talk to their health professional.

Other conditions with symptoms similar to hemorrhoids include anal fissures, anal fistulae, colon polyps, rectal prolapse, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
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thank you Harry, I will pass the information along.
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My I second Harry's suggestion that she use rutin. I have been using it for over 25 years for hemorrhoids. About 20 years ago I recommended it to a friend who was about to have surgery--he never had the surgery and just recently thanked me again for the suggestion--it worked.

In the past few months I have also been having some fresh blood when I have a bowel movement. My Dr. attributed to internal hemorrhoids and did not feel it was anything to be concerned about. However, he also took into account the fact that I had a clean colonoscopy two years ago.

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