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Default Future Prediction From Palmistry


Erwin Shroedinger winner of the 1933 Physics Nobel Prize,
Claimed in his book "What is life ?" that one of life's urgent criteria is the
storage and transmission of information, this information can be transmitted
from parent to child, and was a code both complex and compact, but that fitted
inside a single cell, and this code was at molecular level.

Scientists believed Shroedinger's genetic code was carried by the D.N.A.

Insurance companies claim that by an examination of the D.N.A, they can tell not
only what diseases a person will suffer, but when, even claiming to know pretty
closely the length of life. They would do this, primarily to know whom to accept
for life insurance and who not.

This information would also benefit employers, preparatory documents exploring
this have been discussed by the C.B. I. (Confederation of British industry)

The scientific establishment accepts and supports these findings quite readily,
yet has baulked over the centuries when palmists have ventured into the same

It is actually quite amusing for serious research palmists to have had their
research vindicated by something as dubious as insurance companies, and under
the counter back street Dr. Mengele type genetics laboratories.

A recent edition of the British Medical Journal ran the headline," no one can
predict the future", but each day the weather forecaster does just that, the
stock exchange does it daily, the futures market sells produce years before it
has been grown.

International money dealers do it months in advance and sales projection graphs
in companies are built on it. Remember Nick Leason, gambling millions of pounds
of monies not yet even earned.?

The old Soviet Union ran prediction university courses, and the Soviet K.G. B.
used it as a departmental tool, so why is it impossible to predict the future? A
specialised knowledge in any field must give prior knowledge. Albert Einstein, a
believer in prediction, said;" Random systems eventually produce predictable

Theoretically, an expert studies his material until he sees this pattern, and it
is upon this pattern that he builds his estimation of future trends. Such old
establishment names as the B.B.C., Proctor and gamble, Marks and Spencer,
Tescoes and the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, subscribe vast financial sums to
what are termed "futurologists" for future prediction. In fact the Soviets
took so seriously such predictive organisations as the "Henley forecasting
centre," " British future planning Centre" and the "European planning
federation", that they spied on them continually.

For several years the most popular programme on British T V was the prediction

"Tomorrows World".

A wise old Greek philosopher once said, " the improbable but possible, is always
preferable to the probable but impossible".

Many of today's Astrologers and Palmists have qualifications in Psychology and
counselling, and the current trend of CBT

( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ) lends itself very favourably, particularly as
many people are turning away from Allopathic pills and tablets to more natural
methods, but these current trends have brought with it a politically correct
disinclination to discuss futures, many practitioners shy away from, and many do
not have this important aspect within their skills range.

Certainly some aspects of the palmer lines can change, but let examine just one
of the other methods available to palmists to answer what the future may hold.

This as taught by the great master Chin Li Po is an essential part of Tibetan
palmistry and healing, and takes many years of practise to make perfect.

First while feeling your way into the person being read ( querent ) and

place your thumb into the palmer chakra at the plain of Mars in the central
hollow, pulse work is important with ancient oriental healing, and remember the
thumb has its own pulse, the aura fluctuates between positive and negative,
inward and outward flows of energy, but while reading the conscious awareness of
passivity is important for incoming info to be absorbed, so feel and coincide
both your pulse/heartbeat and breathing rhythm to that or the person being read.

The auric strength and vivid colouration between the fingers give added
detailing and

Spiritualists use psychometry, where a medium will feel the vibes of a ring or a
watch, and eastern Gypsies called the art "Dukkering", and this in pure form is
still practised in Sri Lanka, as spoken of by the late great palmists, Cyrus
Abayakoon and Mir Bashir.

Tibetan palmistry shows that the chi energy is easiest read in the palmer hollow

and it is from here we tune in the querent, and while also touching the lines,

and using psychometry or "soul feeling " we assess the life energies and the
realms of what the future may hold.

Both Edgar Cayce and Emanuel Swedenborg, demonstrated many times what
Universities now call Futurism, but ethical dilemmas remain, no one sees the
whole picture, and how much should you tell ? there must always be times when
you remain silent,

with moderation, support and positive encouragement being the uppermost

The authors on Tibet Evans Wentz and Lobsang Rampa, have both described the
novice monks arriving at the lamaseries, being read in the fashion described,

and over 45 years of reading hands at charitable fundraising functions, I have
heard many times from vicars and priests, the past, health, relationships,
career, psychological profile all O K but please do not read futures.

Surely, if a reader can date and time all the major events of your life,

up to now and assess accurately where you stand currently on the ladder of life
then why not some advice of the future also ? my postbag over many years tells
me that the pitfalls are that in the past, some people have used this
information badly, and left spouses, jobs even countries, but no responsible
reader will ever tell a person what to do, our job is to define the picture for
them to assess themselves.

The late churchman Chad Varah, said from boyhood he always had a vision that.

he would one day save many lives, and one day awakening from a dream he know he
had to start the world wide listening group the Samaritans.


T Stokes www.tstokes.co.uk
"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~Immanual Kant~

NatMedTalk and Beyond
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