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Default old coins...

My brother was a coin collector... In 1980, he was killed in his home in fla. and the man who killed him stole most of his coin collection. Now 30 years later, the case has been closed.....the police dept has finally returned the items in the evidence box... My share of my brothers estate... five coins... a 1942 nickel, a 1940something, I think 3 penny, 2 1890 something indian head pennies and another 1943s penny.. these are pretty worn, not mint condition.... Is there a place where I can check the value of these coins. is there a way I can clean them without hurting them??? does anyone on here collect coins? thanks for the help.. and no, Im not money hungry, but I also have no need for these coins...while I am a sentimental type person...I value the pictures and the memories more then the coins. thirty years is a long time to wait for some closure...sort of a strange experience...
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