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Default Low pulse & blood pressure ?

New to this website. Just found it when doing a web search on low blood pressure, etc Not sure where to post this question. Hoping that someone here will be able to help. I am 34 year old female. To make a very long story short, I have a history of pituitary problems & endometriosis (had a rathke's cleft cyst removed via craniotomy in December of 2005 after 2 previous attempts via transphenoidal were unsuccessfull). Still have pituitary gland, but I am now on Synthroid for hypothyroidism & waiting to have the test done to confirm adult growth hormone deficiency. I am also taking hormone replacement therapy due to having a hysterectomy. Have had problems with heart palpatations in the past. Still have them. They did a 24 hour heart monitor on me several years ago, which basically showed that I needed to avoid caffeine & get plenty of sleep. Heart disease runs in the family. My father passed away from it back in 2000. A few months ago, I started having severe dizzy spells & have actually come close to blacking out. I become very lethargic when I get these spells also. Sometimes I get headaches with them & it seems to be worse at night &/or when I have been on my feet for periods of time. Thought it was my blood sugars, which have been normal. I mentioned something to my endocrinologist several months back, but noone seemed to be concerned about it. About a week ago or so, I had a bad episode. Decided to see if maybe it was my blood pressure. My norm is around 117/72 with a pulse rate of around 69. It was 98/59 with a pulse rate of 42. Been watching it ever since. The low blood pressure & low pulse rates definitely coinside with the dizzy spells. This morning, I woke up with what appears to be the flu & I had numbness down my left arm (diagnosed with a pinched nerve/disc herniation a few months ago). The numbness has gotten better today. Ended up having to call in sick to work today. Just started working a few weeks ago after being out for the last year because of the craniotomy. I know the flu is going around. I have a drs appt next Monday. Should I be concerned about all of this or is this something that could wait? I had another episode about an hour ago & sure enough my bp is down to 98/58 with a pulse rate of 45. Right now, I have been having about an episode every day to every other day. I hate to bother the dr. I am not one to go rushing to the ER.
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Taranallan, as your BP and heart raate is so far below your norm, and is not really sufficient to support normal functioning, I believe it would be best for you to seek medical advice right now. If you want, you could take a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper, as a first aid measure to help you get to hospital. You could take it with honey, and a lot of cold water, just get it inside you!
After this episode is past, I hope you will feel like returning to this forum to see if we can, between us, come up with ideas that could be helpful to you.
Good luck. Go soon. Come back soon.
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Do you still have ovaries? Some of these symptoms may be related to defecient female hormones.

You are probably also iodine defecient. Your docs will deny this.

Go and get stablized so your not passing out on us and then, with some good diagnosis from them we may be able to help some.
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Default Low BP and pulse

Taranallen - Your numbers are extremely low and unhealthy.
See you Dr imediately - don't wait for an appointment.
If he's Not concerned, find one who IS
Be sure to take a list of all medications you're on, to see if any of them could be causing this.
Good luck and come back, please.
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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Hi Taranallen,

I was wondering if you are taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol. If so, it is risky for the cholesterol to get too low and the test scales are set too low in many natural medicine doctor's opinion. 200 to 150 is what most recommend and closer to 200 is better. Statin drugs not only lower chloresterol, they deplete CoQ10 which helps your heart to beat strong. I have read that without CoQ10 your heart will stop beating. It's definately worth looking into if there is heart disease in your family.

I am not a doctor so please read up on this and decide for yourself. Just trying to be helpful. Also, if you are taking medications or supplements some of them can lower blood pressure so you you might look for side effects. Your druggist can give you that information.

Best of luck to you! Welcome!
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