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I just went to iherb.com and saw the Lymphomyosot product. I am willing to try it!
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And try putting that iodine on the cyst. Just slather it on. If it is lugols iodine learn how to take it orally. Don't take common drug store iodine orally. Because your iodine disappears quickly on your skin that tells us that you are quite deficient.

Lymphomyosot is a great remedy. Use it anytime there is problems with glands, lymph drainge or if you have colds or flu. I would not say that it will cure a cold or flu but it helps... it is also great for PMS breast pain.

You gotta ask, why is this cyst acting up now and not all my life. Could it be that your iodine deficiency has bottomed you out?
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Arrowwind09, thanks. I got the Lymphomyosot today and the wife will begin on it today as well. I'll let you know if it helps. I know you are big into homeopathic meds. Even though I use mostly herbal helps I do occasionally use homeopathic meds as well.
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