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Default Posture/Physical Make up causes disease etc.

So im learning more and more, especially for me, how much my posture/muscular balance effects health.

Ive had breathing, anxiety, digestive problems, pelvic floor problems for over a year now.. Ive searched for every possible explanation, seen multiple doctors, read hundreds of books etc..

Ive just come to the realization that all of my issues are physical..

I work at the computer and have been sitting with terrible posture for many many years, plus working out very intenesely in martial arts etc and never stretching enough.

Because of this, I have kyphosis, and my pelvic tilts backwards when I stand straight.

This is why my breathing feels restricted, why I have pelvic floor/prostate problems, and digestive issues. These imbalances in my body disrupt my normal breathing patterns and stop my breath from flowing smoothly from my pelvic diaphragm to my chest diaphragm so my breath isnt massaging, moving blood flow through my pelvis/stomach etc. This, combined with stress/anxiety caused too much tension in my pelvic floor which leads to all the problems down there. The incorrect breathing rythym, biomechanics causes anxiety because it causes short incomplete breaths which is going to send me in to a mild panic at all times. Then the stress snowballs and causes other problems. The tension in my pelvic floor / lower back distrupts the normal digestive flow and peristalsis.

Anyway, im now doing Yoga 3 times a week + Tai Chi 2/3 times a week and cut way back on my intense martial arts, got a desk that moves up/down so I can stand some of the day instead of sitting all day. Trying to come up with an exercise program to strengthen my weak muscles, and stretch my overly tight ones.

I believe that over time, as my body comes back into physical balance, my breathing/anxiety/digestive/pelvic issues will disappear.

I think a lot of health problems can be traced back to physical imbalances.. thats why often times no doctors can figure them out, because they dont know much about the muscular/skeletal system or they dont realize the problems it can cause.

I think posture/muscular imbalance can cause, anxiety, breathing difficulty, any problem with circulation, blood pressure, all your internal organs, nervous system, everything really.

Most of us are not very balanced phsyically. I consider myself an athlete, and even I am totally out of balance at the moment. People need to pay more attention to that stuff, its not about just exercise/working out, youve gotta get your posture/body back into balance!

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I seriously doubt most your internal problems are caused by posture. But yeah most people have bad posture in our society, because we are living a sedentary lifestyle we are not meant for.

Try looking into:
Trigger Point Massage/Therapy
Alexander Technique
Muscle Activation Technique

My bro is the one more into that kind of stuff, but it seems he never makes much progress, because like I said we are not meant to be living the way we have been forced to adopt. Our lack of motion fits the use it or lose principle. The older you get, the less active you tend to be, unless you set specific goals and the more imbalances your body develops that you have to compensate for. Even if you try fixing imbalances, posture or releasing trigger points, new ones pop up, it is a constant battle.

Originally Posted by Craig Williamson
We are born with an inherent ability to feel and use the internal suspension of our bodies. Take some time to observe the carriage and movement of young children. Toddlers often appear to be hovering, as if suspended by invisible strings. If you squeeze a child's legs while she is she is standing, you will feel that the muscles are rather relaxed. She is using the minimum amount of muscular effort and maximizing the use of her bones. Also, notice how a young child's head is balanced on top of the spine. The head is large and heavy, yet she manages to keep her head up with very little effort. Children naturally use their body's innate capacity for suspension to the maximum.

As a child grows, his movement learning is influenced by the movement of his parents, as well as by limits on his freedom of movement, such as excessive sitting (or slouching) in chairs and abridged free playtime. Emotional patterns that become habitual will becomed rigid body postures. Because of all these troubling influences, a child's sense of internal suspension can eventually disappear, resulting in poor carriage and alignment.

Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living. p. 79.
We are born with this great natural posture but we are forced to adapt to a fake, man-made lifestyle of restricted movement that our body cannot cope with. Instead of realizing this fundamental truth our society focuses on maintaining that physiologically our muscular-skeletal system is supposed to increasingly fail us as we age!
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