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Default developing bunions

I've done a little research to see if bunyons can be reversed but have found nothing.

After I had my daughter I noticed none of my shoes fit. No big deal because they were fancy work shoes and I no longer need to wear heals BUT lately I've noticed that it isn't just a widening of the foot but I've developed bunyons and one of them really hurts to walk on. If I'm wearing my exercise shoes they feel good but if I'm on the tile floor - ouch!

Can this be reversed?

Our bodies change after giving birth but I never imagined bunyons. Most people don't develop them so I wonder why my body did this?
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Question Bunions!

I developed a Bunion on the outer side of my right big toe years ago...the foot doctor cut part
of the bone away when he removed the bunion. Have had no trouble since.
If it's on the bottom of your foot are you sure it's not a callus?
You might want to Google "Bunions" to take a look at Pictures & descriptions of Bunions.
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Bunions are a form of bursitis. They are injury related in the sense that one has worn shoes too tight for too long causing damage, and/or the alignment of the foot is out of balance. Bunions will get worse if left untreated. When bunions become extreme, toes begin to cross over each other. There are orthotic corrective devices available, including gel toe separaters. Also, consider going to a wider width shoe. Our feet do change size throughout our adult years.

Here is an informative article, which includes exercises:

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