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Default Resveratrol's Effect on Lipids

In a study involving male Syrian Golden hamsters fed a high-fat diet which contained either 0.025% fenofibrate or 0.025% resveratrol, for a period of 8 weeks, the resveratrol-containing diet was found to significantly reduce serum total cholesterol, serum triglycerides, Apo B, Lp(a), and cholesterol-ester-transport protein (CEPT) concentrations, while increasing Apo A-1 levels and the Apo A-1/Apo B ratio.

Furthermore, the contents of cholesterol and triglycerides in hepatic tissue were significantly lower in the resveratrol group, as compared to the fenofibrate group. HMGR mRNA expression was found to be significantly lower in the resveratrol group than the control group.

The authors conclude that the results of their study, "�indicate that dietary resveratrol reduces serum cholesterol by down-regulating hepatic HMGR mRNA expression in hamsters fed a high-fat diet."

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