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Default Cardioprotective Effects of Wild Honey

Induction of hyperadrenergic activity was experimentally achieved in urethane-anesthetized rats using epinephrine (adrenaline). Acute administration of epinephrine (100 μg/kg) for 2 hours induced several cardiac disorders and vasomotor dysfunction.

Pretreatment with natural wild honey (5 g/kg) for 1 hour prior to the injection with epinephrine (100 μg/kg) protected the anesthetized normal rats from the incidence of epinephrine-induced cardiac disorders and vasomotor dysfunction.

Moreover, posttreatment with natural wild honey (5 g/kg) following the injection with epinephrine (100 μg/kg) for 1 hour showed several ameliorative outcomes to the electrocardiographic parameters and vasomotor dysfunction of anesthetized stressed rats.

Furthermore, natural wild honey preserved the positive inotropic effect of epinephrine in both cases. Also, the total antioxidant capacity (AOC) of natural wild honey was found to be very pronounced. Levels of both reduced glutathione and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) were considered relatively high in natural wild honey. Activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) was also high, whereas catalase activity was relatively low, especially when compared to the value of SOD activity.

It would appear from the results of the present study that natural wild honey may exert its cardioprotective and therapeutic effects against epinephrine-induced cardiac disorders and vasomotor dysfunction directly, via its very pronounced total AOC and its great wealth of both enzymatic and nonenzymatic antioxidants involved in cardiovascular defense mechanisms, besides its substantial quantities of mineral elements such as magnesium, sodium, and chlorine, and/or indirectly, via the enhancement of the endothelium-derived relaxing factor nitric oxide release through the influence of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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