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    Alfalfa Tablets

    Is there anyone out there taking Alfalfa tablets on a regular basis? I began taking them for lowering my LDL Cholesterol. I have been doing some research into Alfalfa and it seems to indicate that it is not good to take Alfalfa on a long term basis. I would be interested to hear some input on...
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    Amoryn for Anxiety

    I have been taking Amoryn (which is a combination of various things - see I was curious if anybody else was familiar with this natural supplement. Also, I have tried just regular St. Johns Wort in the past, but I don't believe it worked as well. Are there any other good...
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    Headache Solutions

    What are some good herbal remedies for migrain headaches. I am familiar with acupuncture, ect..... But was cuirous if anybody had tried any certain herbs????;)
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    Hawthorn Berry /High Blood pressure after C-Section

    I was curious if anybody has any experience with hawthorn berries in relation to high blood pressure in women? My wife recently had a C-section a month ago and ended up with some toxemia - her blood pressure which had been normal during the pregnancy has suddenly increased. Lately it has hovered...