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Wasn't AlphaOmega the company that was shut down in the US? They are in South America now.

Alive, I would think that their products are quite good and not too different from Indian Herb. I'm sure they would ship to you.

This Indian Herb's phone number. I just assumed it would be on the site:
806 647-1741

This is Indian Herbs Ingredients:
Blood Root
Yellow dock
Zinc Chloride
Lifeline Water
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I ordered from here https://www.lifelinewater.com/herb.html just now.

Hope this stuff is as good as Jim Humble thinks it is.

By the way, this stuff seems really potent when reading the instructions. Wow...

Almost sounds like you are only supposed to take this for 2 weeks?
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Alpha Omega Labs, https://www.altcancer.com/, was shut down, most probably due to their use of "cure cancer". I haven't tried to order from them since. I heard that it can be done.
- Jim
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