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Default Niacin followed by MMS - a new protocol?

I've been using MMS for a few months as per the standard protocol and have gotten up to 14 drops three times a day without nausea. I also take niacin dissolved in water along with Emergen-C and don't mind the "niacin flush". Of course, I don't take the Emergen-C for 3 or more hours before or after the MMS.

This past weekend it occurred to me that perhaps the dissolved niacin alone (no Emergen-C) might have a potentiating effect on the MMS if taken just prior to taking the MMS. The MMS was to be taken just after the niacin flush commenced. So I did it on Saturday morning. The best way to describe what happened is to use an analogy.

MMS taken by itself is like a strong breeze blowing through the cellular tissue, killing and sweeping pathogens into piles that can be cleaned up by the immune system. The breeze dies out after some time, limiting how far into tissues the MMS can reach. MMS taken at the onset of a niacin flush has an impact like a thermonuclear blast wave sweeping through, crisping the pathogens and followed by a hurricane force gale that makes mountains of dead pathogens requiring cleanup. I could feel a definite body drain during the day as the extensive post-impact cleanup proceeded. However, no nausea and no diarrhea then or since!

I believe that this happened because the niacin causes dilation of even the smallest capillaries, allowing the ClO2 from the MMS to reach much further into tissues than it would be able to do under normal circumstances.

If anyone decides to experiment with this, one suggestion is to halve the MMS dose you are currently taking to see how you respond to the addition of the niacin before resuming your regular dose without niacin. At this point, I do not suggest using the niacin with every dose, just perhaps once per week to start. And, of course, share your results here!

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Default Niacin and MMS

Wow! What a great idea! Smart to say lower the dosage. I am a big proponent of niacin. I take 50mg a few times a day like Dr. Norman Walker did (who lived to be 117). He developed the Norwalk Juicer that the Gerson Therapy recommends.

I want to add to your suggestions that the Gerson Therapy eating plan of raw and cooked foods be part of the MMS therapy as it gives you the nutrient support of juicing, raw food and the minerals from cooked food (Hippocrates soup). It is an amazing nutritional eating plan (I avoid the word diet deliberately) who wants to eat like the human body is intended to eat. The iodine solution (Lugol solution) recommended by the Gerson Therapy plan and their specific brand of potassium (for sodium / potassium balancing) and the absolute avoidance of salt could be beneficial as well but I would ask Jim Humble first... of course.
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Monogram7, be sure to let us know how it goes if you try the niacin and mms together.
I have considered this before. I know people also take DMSO orally first then the MMS. I have tried neither.

I bet it would be like a bunker blaster for those with H-plyori infection or even stomach cancer.
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I've done the niacin and MMS several times now and can provide more details on exactly what I did.

First I dissolved 500 mg of regular niacin (not the non-flush kind) in a glass of warm water, then drank it down. Once the flushing began, I prepared my MMS drops plus 10% citric acid as required. Once the three minute wait time was up, I drank the MMS mix down.

A few times I did this right before going to bed, a few times I did it in the early am and went back to bed for an hour or two after taking it. A few other times, I then went out for a 4 mile run right after taking the MMS mix. The first time I did this protocol, I went for a run and my stomach felt a little queasy, but no nausea. My partner did the same thing, but she ended up feeling pretty nauseous. I'm sure now that she needed to use a much lower dose of MMS mix.

After doing the regular MMS protocol, I could see and feel the difference, as the niacin-MMS protocol was like an accelerated version of the regular protocol. I did no more than one dose per day when I was doing the niacin with the MMS, yet it seemed more effective in detoxing than taking several doses of the regular protocol per day.

Your results may vary, and as before, I recommend strongly that you use no more than half your usual MMS dose when adding niacin to the protocol.
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Thank you for sharing your experiences. I thik I may try this also. I noticed on an earlire blog entry that you said that you were up to 14 drops. Are you still doing that or have you started the most recent Humble protocol of only 3 drops of MMS1 per hour during an 8 hour period? Please advise
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After doing a two week course of once per day niacin flush plus 14 drops, I felt detoxed so stopped to allow my body time to clean out the dead pathogens. Although I did not feel nauseous nor did I have loose stools, I have had a lot of discharge from sinuses and lungs over the past few weeks. No illness or any unease/disease, just discharge.

I have not yet started on the new 3 drop protocol, mainly because of the frequency required. Were I home all the time and able to get to it every hour on the hour, I'd give it a shot, but being busy most of the time makes it more difficult to stay on such a rigorous schedule. That's one reason my niacin flush protocol was so right for me because I had to do it only once per day.

I was not fighting an overt infection or disease, however. Had I been working on eliminating an existing overt disease, I might have gone to a 3 times per day flush/MMS regimen or upgraded to the MMS2.

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LariAnn, if what you say is true, and I feel sure it is, then I consider your discovery a major break through in medicine because it can be applied to any type of medicine or non medicine like vitamins. So I declare that hence forth your discovery shall be called THE LARIANN PROCEDURE.
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I wanted to comment about the use of DMSO and MMS - Jim Humble has a protocol for this on his website ( https://jimhumble.biz/biz-lifethreatening.htm ) .

My experience is that the DMSO mode of action indicates that it should be used differently than my niacin flush+MMS procedure. DMSO is a powerful cell penetrant and moves VERY fast through the body, far faster than the niacin flush wave, and faster than the ClO2 can be generated. Since the ClO2 is in the bloodstream, the niacin works better for overall tissue penetration via blood vessels (capillaries), while the DMSO would be better (IMHO) for spot treatment of lesions or other problem areas. It does not require transport through the bloodstream to arrive at a destination in the body. Therefore, it makes more sense to me to apply a DMSO-augmented mix (DMSO first, then MMS) directly to a problem area rather than orally, unless the problem area is the stomach/digestive system!

I do have experience in using colloidal silver topically, augmented by DMSO. For me, it has worked almost magically when applied to scrapes or other skin injuries. Using very clean fingers, I apply some DMSO to the affected area, then using a fine spray bottle, apply the colloidal silver solution over the previously applied DMSO. I visualize the nanoparticles of silver being whisked rapidly into the damaged area and into pathogens, killing them outright and allowing healing to proceed unimpeded.

Now, I wonder - what about using niacin + DMSO + MMS? I've already tried niacin + DMSO - makes a "hotter" flush that is quite noticeable when compared to a straight niacin flush.

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mms and niacin

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