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Default How Healthy is Your Diet?

Answer these questions carefully to see how healthy your diet is. If you have any medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, or heart disease, or if you are on a diet prescribed by your doctor, you should speak to a nutritionist or dietician to make sure your diet is healthy. How Healthy is Your Diet?
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Very healthy! no sugar, no white anything! flour, even dairy (trigger food for me) so I use rice milk or goats milk...
Fresh fruits and veggies...I do eat meat...fish and chicken though not fond of meats....

However no way would I ask a doctor about diet.....most really don't have a clue...unless they are endocrinologists or cardiologists.....or a specialist in a field where that knowledge is required....OR AN ALTERNATIVE M.D.

In fact I asked my DH the other day if he is ever asked by his cardiologist about his diet? he said no! I do remember when he left the hospital (triple bypass) the nurse telling him to avoid certain foods because of interaction with his meds......but I sure don't remember any specific diet....maybe they are relying on the patients to do their own homework!?
The amazing thing to me was coumidin (a rat poison) is given to thin the blood....and DH was told not to eat grapefruit or green salads (foilage) because it thinned the blood too much with his coumidin meds!!!

Doesn't that seem a little backwards? why not prescribe more greens and grapefruit? and toss the coumidin....I can only speak for myself but give me salads and grapefruit anyday....
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Having a husband with prostate cancer, and I with CVD, has concentrated our minds on a healthy diet.
Husband is following the blood type diet for group O. I am doing much the same, also O.
To us, healthy means local, seasonal organic foods, straight from Farmer's Market Non of our food is processed or pre-prepared. There is no sugar or white flour in the house.

Husband is using the Budwig protocol, and we are lucky to be able to buy Quark - a la Budwig, with ground flax seed. In the past two years since these conditions made themselves known, and we changed our eating habits, we feel healthier now that before. With cancer, as with CVD, no-one knows what tomorrow brings, but today is good.
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