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Default The Helicopter Pilot's Diet [Mike Barbee's book mentioned]

Originally Posted by Alan D. Graham
The Helicopter Pilot's Diet:
( I'm a retired Army helicopter pilot -
so I had to call it something... )

1. Protein: Lean meat/poultry is good, however, avoid processed
meats if you already have a chronic disease. Always try to "liquid
cook" (absolutely NO burnt or extra well done meat... roasted, fried
or grilled). Here's a tip from one of the good guys I know, Michael
Barbee: On those occasions (4th of July, etc) when you want to grill
ground meat, cut open a vitamin E softgel and mix it with the meat
to help protect you from the free radical, HCA, created from burning
fat. Go to, and read my review
of Michael Barbee's book "Politically Incorrect Nutrition". His book
is must reading,. Look down the page at Amazon for my comments.

Remember - you need quality protein every day! Unfortunately,
virtually all cooked protein is not so denatures
protein. I recommend replacing a significant portion of the meat you
might normally eat with a quality Whey Protein powder (sugar,
Splenda, Equal and soy free of course). The most digestible form is
whey protein isolate (WPI) as opposed to whey protein concentrate
(WPC). Also, better "Cross Flow" filtration as opposed to "ion

Also for quality protein, I recommend "cage free" eggs, raw, lightly
poached, soft boiled or very soft scrambled in butter or olive
oil...never margarine. If you eat them raw -- go to
and read safety protocols for raw eggs. The really cheapest grocery
store eggs, remember, are high in Omega 6 - the more expensive free
range/cage free eggs are higher in Omega 3 and much less likely to
cause problems if consumed raw.

2. Food oils: Stay away from all poly unsat food oil to include
canola oil. Use Coconut oil (all you want!) and mono oils like
Olive/Macadamia-nut oil (in moderation). Poly-unsat medicinal oils
like Hemp & Flax can be used as food oils but only cold--avoid heat &
long exposure to the air.

3. Veggies: All the "above ground" & green leafy veggies you want -
so never waste a salad opportunity by using worthless iceberg
lettuce. Always use romaine, leaf lettuce, spinach, etc. Also try to
daily eat Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,
kale, brussels sprouts, bok choy. If you are active, skinny &
disease-free - then baked potatos or rice (both with lots of butter)
is OK. Boy, am I gonna get mail about the following...ironically,
eating a SIMPLE (but natural) cabohydrate like a baked potato is
better than eating a COMPLEX carbohydrate like "whole wheat" bread
that is processed to death and containing hydrogenated Veggie Oil in
an attempt to make it taste better with some added fat.

4. Drink clean carbon filtered water with a pH greater than seven
(alkaline). If you use reverse osmosis water like I do, it can turn
out slightly acidic, about 6.5 pH, and is lacking about 95% of the
original trace minerals. Distilled water is even worse -- no
minerals and even more acidity. Both can leach minerals right out of
your bones. You can help correct these two problems with a squirt of
liquid trace mineral drops- the kind with 70+ minerals, not the kind
with only the 6 or 8 that "doctors" say are required. Avoid water in
plastic containers - store your clean water in glass mason jars.

5. Never consume any kind of carbonated drinks.

a. They destroy valuable stomach acid thus adversely affecting
b. The phosphorous (in sodas) can cause a mineral imbalance
impairing Cal/Mag absorption.

6. Absolutely nothing with transfat. Almost all baked goods to
include most bread have HVO. Also the only safe peanut butter is the
kind where the oil floats to the top in storage, and must be
refrigerated (Bugs eat it! You can too!). I like to pour off the oil
and add coconut oil. The peanut oil is not real evil, considering it
is 45% Mono oil, which is good, but it is 38% Poly oil which is bad!
So C.C nut oil turns peanut butter into a real health food. If you
can afford it, organic is safest... peanuts, like cotton (for
cottonseed oil) require very large applications of poisons while
grown but are not subject to the same purity restrictions as regular
food oils. Isn't that strange?

7. No bread, cereal, pasta, rice, or potatoes. Except on your
birthday or occasionally in "disease prevention mode."

8. Essential fatty acids (these are the most critical steps):

a. Three tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed (or 2 tsp flax seed
oil). Grind fresh with a coffee grinder and serve only in something
cold, like a whey protein smoothie for example. b. With MS or
Alzheimer's, 4 to 7 grams of name brand, moderately priced cod liver
oil. If in "disease prevention mode" or you're more
concerned about cardiovascular disease, then 3 to 5 grams of high
potency fish oil would probably be better. Hi potency has 500mg
EPA/DHA instead of 300mg.
c. Optional: 1 or 2 grams of borage, black currant, or a distant
third, primrose oil. Always take these GLA medicinal oils with
ground flax seed or flax seed oil (read Fat Facts, above, to
understand why).

9. Supplements (as a minimum!):

a. A good multi vitamin/mineral/trace mineral (70+). You may have
to buy the trace minerals drops separately from the multi. For all
supplements (in descending order) use: sublingual, liquid, scoop-able
powder, capsules, or low heat food based tablets or caplets. Never
use a synthetic, hard-pressed, grocery store product.
b. Methylcobalamin B-12 in a sublingual (under the tongue) tablet --
1000 mcg, 2 or 3 times daily. Make sure its Methylcobalamin, not
A large dose of sublingual B-12 is very cheap and is probably the
most beneficial supplement you can take for MS, behind Omega 3 from
flax and fish oil. You only need one tablet if in "disease prevention
c. MSM -- a natural form of sulfur that will aid digestion and
relieve almost any kind of inflammation, especially arthritis, and
it's very cheap. I like the pure scoop-able powder form -- but even
the cheap tablets seem to work decently.
d. Calcium- 1500mg / Magnesium- 1500mg / Vitamin D3- 1200 iu. Take
all three in divided doses, remembering that your multivitamin
probably already has 400 IU of D3, so adjust the 1200 IU accordingly.
Amino acid chelation is the preferred form of Cal/Mag followed by
citrate. Never take carbonate or coral calcium. Most Cal/Mag
complexes come at a 2 to1 ratio -- I recommend a 1 to 1 ratio, which
usually means buying additional Mag separately. I have seen a brand
of Cal/Mag CITRATE at a 1 to 1 ratio but never the preferred AMINO
e. Vitamin E -- Take 400 IU of "Natural mixed tocopherol". The "D
alpha tocopherol" is good also but never take the synthetic "DL alpha
f. Multi Enzyme Formula -- get a broad spectrum/moderately priced
g. Probiotics (like acidophilus, et al ) -- get a brand that has an
expiration date guaranteeing the "little guys" will still be alive.
h. Betaine HCL w. Pepsin. Avoid all forms of antacid, especially if
you are over 50. If you have occasional heartburn that's more likely
a sign that you have too little stomach acid than too much. With
every protein meal most people should try a 250 mg capsule Betaine
HCL w. pepsin, even if they don't think they have a problem. 75% of
the population over 50 has too little stomach acid which can
dramatically effect your ability to absorb nutrients, minerals in
i. If you have MS or heart disease then you should try to take as
broad a spectrum of antioxidants as you can afford -- like CoQ 10,
coenzyme A, grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid, etc. If in
"disease prevention mode" very large doses of antioxidants are likely
superfluous , especially if you are relatively healthy and do all of
those other supplemental and dietetic things correctly -- like
avoiding sugar / poly food oil / HVO and taking Omega 3 (flax and
fish oil).

Menu for today -- Here is a day on the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet,"
keeping in mind that 4 to 6 small meals are better than 2 or 3 bigger

a. 1 or 2 breakfast meals -- 2 to 4 raw or lightly poached eggs. If
in "disease prevention mode" scrambled eggs with chopped
onions/peppers (melted/shredded cheese- in moderation). Sliced
tomatoes, steamed asparagus or any other veggies.
b. 2 or 3 lunch meals -- one or two scoops of whey protein in a
smoothie with coconut oil, 1/2 cup of blueberries or a banana, one or
two tablespoons of ground flax seed, ice-water, sweetened with Stevia
(NEVER use sugar, Splenda, Equal, etc)
c. 1 or 2 evening meals -- pot roast with cooked veggies and a
medium salad or three chicken breasts chopped into a giant salad with
a rich olive-oil vinaigrette sweetened with stevia. Must be
homemade - Every commercial dressing I've ever seen is crap.

That's it folks -- I know this sounds restrictive but after you give
it a try you will feel demonstrably better... become so much
healthier... vastly improve your quality of life... All the
"Spartan-ness" will seem a small price to pay by comparison.

Please forward this paper to anyone you know with a chronic disease.

Well be!

Alan D. Graham
Phone (334) 774-0395
E-mail -- [email protected]
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