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Old 09-21-2010, 06:28 AM
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Default Ask those!


I know that a lot of people are septical about taking MMS, it's their right, but ask someone who had cancer and a serious sickness, if they would or regret taking MMS to be better, well in good health!

I think this a personal choice, as some are not confident with MMS, but we know that diet soda is a poison, still people are drinking it a lot (aspardam), I could go on and on with other things we ingest, that causes cancer and other sickness!

Not talking about tobaco, drugs, alcool, fast food with added chemical product in a lot of foods we eat each day, and also chemio therapy and medical drugs (medication! yes right!!!) wich just give you relief most of the time, but doesn't cure you, just Pharma company that makes billions each years!

So when it comes to curing a sickness, now people in a strange way, are not willing to try out things that would cure a cancer or other sickness, ask a man or woman when they had 2 weeks to live and after taking MMS, they are still with us after a few years and cured or on the way to be cured! Not talking about those that have been cured after only a few weeks?

Also to date, no one as died, we didn't ear of people having big problems with taking MMS, also after nearly 12 years all we ear, is good things!

Remember that not one person is the same, protocol of taking MMS is to be personal at some point, you can follow the protocol, but sometime you have to adjust the dosage! to your your own pace!

One thing for sure I am now at 15 drops 3 times a day and trying for the best way of taking it during the day with interval of about 4 to 5 hours, this with finding the way to eat, so I am ok and that it doesn't interferes with taking MMS!

I have been told lately that the new protocol for bad sickness, it would be better to take MMS 8 hours in a row, that is 3 to 6 drops each hours for 8 hours straith each day!

My problems that I have ask is when do we eat, I am waiting for the answer, should have it in a few days!

Oh! by the way I am suffering with rhumatoid arthritis, with high pressure and an a problem with my thyroid! bee taking it now for just 2 weeks with only water about 3 onces! and add only a day or 2 of nausea!


PS: Remember your the master of your life!

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Old 09-21-2010, 08:46 AM
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Default MMS2 Found in nature

For anyone concerned about taking a chemical like this, you should really look it up. Our own bodies produce this chemical, and using MMS2 is just a way of giving more of it to help reverse a condition that our bodies are already using it for. This means we can use it effectively, without worrying that it's not something right for us, as the pickup and delivery system for it is already in place and a natural function of our bodies. So no side effects except possible detoxing reactions like flu(temporary) caused by the toxins released as pathogens die off, NOT by the MMS.It dissipates naturally into a little sodium, not enough to bother you.Hope this helps
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Old 09-30-2010, 09:24 AM
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If MMS did not work so well for hundreds of other applications used by industries from everything from killing anthrax to processing chicken before it is sent to the market to mouth washes and tooth paste, the FDA would not be concerned but the fact is sodium chlorite was used by the US Army in the first world war to fight Malaria and infections successfully. It is use in in major water purification systems. The FDA has lots of studies about sodium chlorite that contradicts their claim it is nothing but bleach. The nefarious narrative to call it bleach provokes one to think it is clorox. The truth is it has bleaching qualities but is as different as salt and chlorine bleach which are of the same family. Salt, chlorine and sodium chlorite are in the same family with bleaching properties. The big difference is chlorine is cancer causing and sodium chlorite is not. In fact after sodium chlorite has been activated it turns from sodium chlorite to a chlorine dioxide ion to salt. I have personally known hundreds of people who have use mms with fantastic results. Personally I was able to get rid of fungus under my toe nails in two weeks working up to 15 drops. This was a very stubborn fungus that I had under all my toes and fingers for about 25 years. Nothing I tried from the doctors worked in those 25 years. Also after taking the mms I had a blood test that was the best test I have had since my liver transplant of ten years ago. Don't let anyone who has not gone through the protocol tell you anything about mms. The fact is the only damage mms can do is to the pharmaceutical companies bottom line. People we are already loosing our rights fast enough to let the pharms dictate to our right to self medicate. Don't buy into their lies.
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I'm still wondering...does sodium chlorite occur in nature? I mean, is it like NaCl, where it can be found in something like sea water?
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