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Ships - Part 7

Posted 02-23-2011 at 07:55 AM by Arrowwind09

Meanwhile I asked Helios if I could post his letter to me here as he tells his impression of these videos and he agreed. Clearly the lesson here is that one has to energetically discern how to tell the different types of ships apart. After my experience in seeing ships, what Helios calls, Merkaba ships, it was clear to me on first sight that these vidoes, that was actually presented to me though this forum first, that these videos have captured Merkaba ships.. I was very excited to see them, especially connected to such a power point for humanity. I cannot explain to you all the Helios says... his path is complex and he has language/terms that I do not fully understand. The bold emphasis is added by me.

Hye Folks!

O.K.. Here is a fairly comprehensive overview of the footage from Yerushalim of the Elohim Flagship, "Operation Victory Appearance" occuring on Jan. 28th! NOT A HOAX.. NOT A FALSE FLAG EMULATION!.. NOT AN "ALIEN INVASION".. This is Revelation at its best..

The attachment (at bottom) shows one event that is not the same as you will see in the other films of a "second event". . The third link is a version that does justice to the rotating field of lights filmed with nice close up after the "ascent" of the vehicle. You have to watch to the end of that film to see the event up in the sky after the ascent.

You get something different out of each film. I repeat, there are two events filmed here! The signature of the appearance is unique to the true Living Host Command's appearance analogue and is not the kind of false flag appearnce the cabal would project. They would not employ such otherwordly dramatization when they are interested in taking people in a different direction entirely as far as this goes. Although, they would try to adapt and simulate certain elements, the specific distinctions are all important here and hence, I will be sending a commentary on soon to follow this advisement. The ability to differentiate is the most important cosmic survival skill available to human emobodiments at this time along with that of orchestrating direct contact with the true angelics. False flag will be staged with more hostility in mind at first followed by the false flag messianic appearance to "save us" from the "hostiles" (synthetic event) first making their presence known. It cannot work any other way. This is merely a small part of the vast number of considerations in contemplating such things, however.

However, one needs an in depth dissection here and I will be working on that. Please watch this cross section of footage closely. More coming from the Heart of Aleph soon on this event putting those on notice whom hath eyes to see! ... Helios

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