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Ships - Part 1

Posted 05-12-2009 at 07:13 AM by Arrowwind09
Updated 09-17-2010 at 01:59 AM by Arrowwind09

Due to just a hint of interest in such matters I decided to post this to my blog. I mainly wrote it for my children....and then for myself so that I would not loose memory...so I would not come to think of myself as too crazy. These things did happen...


Well, Kathleen, you bring up an interesting concept.

Are those who see UFO's more spiritual or at least more sensitive, you ask?

In my attempt to answer this question a whole new Pandora’s box is exposed. Fortunately the box has been long opened. Just not that many people look into it.

The answer to your question is both yes and no.

To see a UFO, and lets get exact here. To see an extra terrestrial ship is a rare and precious experience. It is not available to everyone.

I think that there are reasons this is experienced by some and reasons not for others. They are outside of our conscious control for the most part. You either call it in on a soul level or you are taken in. Those that would take you in against your will are not your friends.

The ships have been coming here for a long time. They have a purpose and a mission. There are also more than one type of ship that comes. That is, more that one type of civilization is represented in the ships that have been seen.

I can only speak out of my direct experience and then relay the experience of others whom I have gone through the sightings with and what they have told me about their experience..

I have never written out my story so maybe this is a good time. I will write it as I tell it to you.

In my own spiritual evolution I came to see that there are groups of people on this plant who exist in alternate realities yet simultaneously with all other people. They co-exist yet have a very different experience of reality and how events occur. I could and will say that there are multiple groups who live an alternate reality with in the same reality, at least physically as all other people, I have been associated with one group to my knowledge and can only experience and relate from that point of view. But I have perceived other groups on the fringe of my reality. We interconnect at times to share systems of belief and knowledge.

Within this group I associated were people who hold as a core belief that they are on a soul journey. They have opened their senses to the beyond. They work from intuition and strictly for the advancement of conscious evolution of their own soul and the group soul of humanity. They understand that their soul is a member of a group soul that is evolving in unison. They clearly see the folly of the materialists and the ecological disasters in the making. They understand the nature of the world as a environment for learning. They view all people on a path of spiritual evolution yet they see that the materialists are in a different place of learning than they are but they are still connected because the leaning curve is very close and movement from one group to another is frequent.

These people congregate in various locations across the USA and in all countries. They have no unifying identity. That is, they hold no common religion, organization or other bonding social structure except a knowing of the soul journey and the intuition to create experience to enhance this process. They are open psychically. Intuition rules their behavior for the most part but most are quite educated in either life experience or in actual arts or sciences either western or shamanistic.

When these people are together, interacting in daily activity, soul evolution is faster and the gifts are amplified. Gifts of intuition, manifestation, healing, and communication occur on multiple levels and more rapidly. This is why they like to be together but they are not always together. They move in and out of this expanded reality and frequently go back into conventional reality, where most people dwell. They are not separated from conventional reality but dwell within it, yet maintain a separate reality enevloped in a consciousness that defines a "separate reality." There are a percentage of these people that always remain in this protected psychic space and live their whole lives in this context. I was not destined to be one of them.

I was introduced to this way many years ago. A few years after dwelling in this altered reality it was made clear to me that I would not have the opportunity to stay within this field of protection and growth forever. It was clear to me that I would move in and out of it through the course of my life. This has been very sad for me at times because I am most happy and at peace when I get to associate with like minds/souls in a daily social context. The core and most fundamental teaching within this paradigm is Freedom. You might think that it would be love or developing a loving consciousness and this is a most important element, but freedom is paramount. No learning, no experience is available without the free choice of the individual. Dogmas do not last long amongst such individual people who are bound by purpose and intent of conscious evolution. Yet dogmas at times create frameworks of experience, that are changed periodically, like old shoes that are worn out or no longer fit, and are tossed aside.

That which made it clear to me that I would be one to move in and out of this reality was my own self, from my intuition on a soul level. I had soul work to do outside of the protective bubble. This was very difficult at first. There were times when I struggled to maintain memory of who I am and those experiences that afforded to me a broadened perception of reality.

I am trying to think of books out there that will make this more clear to you. The Teachings of Don Juan are a perfect example. But do not be swayed by the use of drugs. Drugs have no place in this reality. Castaneda used drugs because he was incapable of getting there without. Once he had a glimpse the drugs had to go. And so it is with those who ventured into this realm of alternate realities on a high.

The use of drugs was common place in the 60's and 70's to get a glimpse and it did work for some. Today people use drugs for sexual promiscuity or to go unconscious. It is a sad thing. This is occurring because the planetary energy has shifted out of the vibrational context that occurred the 60's and 70's that lead many people into the love consciousness of 1969. What you see on television representing this era is merely a media portrayal and is narrow, exclusive and without broad depth in understanding as to what was going on at that time spiritually for the youth in certain parts of the world.

Perhaps a better example is the book “The Celestine Prophecy”. Yes, this book is a better example. Or you may want to read the series of books called "The Teachings Of The Masters of the Far East" to understand better that which words are hard to come by for me.

I would clarify here that people within this group do associate at times within specific groups with a material identity, such as say, followers of Don Juan or Paramahansa Yoganada, or Ernest Holmes, or Dahli Lama, or Mother Theresa, Babaji and a multitude of others from various religions including Christian, Jewish and other cults around the world. There are many groups of this nature but after a time of training in these groups one sees that they are just part of a larger group of soul expansionists that have no formal identity at this time. They are all training ground. Schools. Eventually graduation comes, either in this life or another.


So, how did I come to see these space ships? And what does all of the above have to do with it? Kathleen, my mentor for old age, a wisened elder of 84 years, a respected story teller, now my confident and companion in hearth and home would be my springboard for recollection of what had happened years ago.

We stoke the fire, hold back the night with our light, as Valdez, valley of the witches below, sends up its darkness across the Arroyo Seco ridge. Kathleen is the light bearer in these parts of Taos and tonight she will hear my story and hold my mirror so that I may see myself and where I have been and yet may go.

For Ships 2 Two go here: https://www.natmedtalk.com/blogs/arro...ps-part-2.html
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    lotus's Avatar
    Gosh! certainly 'moves in mysterious ways is applicable'
    I came here researching MMS and felt I immediately 'resonated' with you spiritually, like someone already met using a different name I wondered.
    Then find this unexpected subject which I have been discussing elsewhere.
    You express much that resonates with my own experiences here.
    I also feel now is the time to be writing them down and sharing.
    I also have glimpsed these other dimensions and had contact experiences, mostly many years back.
    I think the astral was clearer then and that now many vie for our attention with alteria motives too complex to go into much detail here.
    So to simplify: We appear to be approaching a multi dimensional crossroads and which path we chose will effect us for a longer time than we can envisage. Some lead to a massive leap in consciousness into realizing our co creator potential, some led to supporting entities realities that are not connected to Source that need our energies to sustain them.
    I needs read more of what you have writen and give a more considered response when I have more time.
    So for now I am just saying hello and expressing appreciation for your extraordainary openess on this rarified subject, especially here.
    * namaste *
    Posted 04-06-2011 at 10:30 AM by lotus lotus is offline