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Love Your Cat - DON'T DECLAW!

Posted 10-12-2012 at 07:43 AM by kind2creatures

I hold no judgement of those who have already had their cats declawed, from those I've talked to, many regret the decision and were misinformed about the procedure and effect on the cat both physically and mentally. However, I am completely against this inhumane and abusive operation, and would like to share some facts and feelings from the pros. If one person changes their mind, then this post is worth it's weight in gold.

In many countries, declawing is deemed to be inhumane, abusive, and in some places it is actually illegal. The procedure is extremely painful, and in some cases can cause serious physical side-effects such as post-operation pain, frequently there is hemorrhaging, necrosis or death to surrounding tissue, lameness, walking problems and possible bone spurs or regrowth which would require repeated operations.

Negative mental and emotional behavior may occur after declawing also. There are instances of shock, personality change, withdrawn behavior, nervousness, fearfulness, aggressiveness (biting as only option), and staying on high places in the home because that is the only means of protection. Extreme pain occurs when the cat needs to use the litterbox after surgery, and some cats who have always been reliable in that area, begin to soil in other places of the house.

Declawing is not one surgical operation for the cat, but a series of 10 separate painful surgeries. The toenail is not the only thing removed, as many people think. Amputation of the last bone of each toe is necessary. It would be equal to a human getting all 10 fingers cut off at the last knuckle. Removed are all related bones, ligaments, claws, nerves and tendons.

Please take the time to read these few short pages of information on the realities of declawing your cat before you make this heartless decision. Thanks for being open to receiving all this information, for the future health, happiness, and security of your feline family member.


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