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Health Forums - Big Spam Targets!

Posted 09-24-2011 at 05:20 PM by kind2creatures

Health forums, such as Natural Medicine Talk, are very inviting targets for spammers. Some people are paid just to get links 'out there', whether they're for products, services or website promotions. Many are from other countries outside of the United States.

Spamming can be done directly, or in a more sneaky way, indirectly. They post "leading" messages which forum members reply to, and once they're comfortable on the forum and 'trusted' by the other members posting on the board, they carry out their initial intent.

Forums or groups that allow the invasion of spam, deteriorate in quality and lack integrity. Very often, spam is repetitive, and the same messages with links are posted on a weekly basis. Not only does this make it difficult for regular readers and valued members to sort through all the nonsense, but it is insulting and offensive to have to read through.

NatMedTalk is a "No Spam Zone". The moderators on this forum are giving their services on a completely voluntary basis, and their efforts to curb or eliminate spam activity is very much appreciated by all. Regardless of post count, we have a zero tolerance of spam on this forum, and will ban offenders.

We'd also like to acknowledge the interest and input from our respected and established members in helping us maintain an excellent and user-friendly health forum. We have all that's necessary to keep our forum growing and moving in the right direction, thanks to all who care so much!
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    Well said. Spammers are very annoying.
    Posted 09-25-2011 at 02:47 AM by Matrix Matrix is offline