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This blog is dedicated to Natural Medicine Talk, a unique health forum that is not only informative and versatile, but posesses a personal attribute which is rarely experienced on other forums.

We're proud of our accomplishments here, and we appreciated the opportunity to share discussions and life experiences with all the special people who help make this forum strong. Always....growing and improving with time.

As the blog title indicates, topics mentioned here will go beyond the health forum itself, and will be unlimited.

Medicine Savvy

Posted 05-27-2011 at 07:46 PM by kind2creatures (NatMedTalk and Beyond)

It's always smart to exercise caution when using any medications, whether prescription or natural. Many pharmaceuticals have a historical connection to herbal medicine, and are derived initially from herbal extracts.

Both prescription medicines and herbs affect the person taking them very individually. Some may experience allergic reactions, some may have side effects that exacerbate their already existing medical conditions. Some medicines should not be given to pregnant or breast-feeding...
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Health Forum Members

Posted 04-22-2011 at 09:00 PM by kind2creatures (NatMedTalk and Beyond)

The reasons why people choose to join a health forum are very individual, and can vary to be sure, with no limitations. Some of us were always health conscious since childhood and have never lost an interest to continue with healthy eating, lifestyles, exercise and attitudes.

Some members, like myself, didn't always make all the right health choices and live an active life in our younger years, but have decided that our health is a valuable asset that we don't want to jeopardize, and...
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