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Ships - Part 3

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Posted 05-12-2009 at 05:24 AM by Arrowwind09

Ok, so we watched these for a while and then they seemed to disappear but only to be replaced by another phenomena. Suddenly we started to see these same 4 pointed star shapes shoot across the sky. They came from behind us on the right where our vision was blocked by the mountainous landscape, bolting out into sky and across the valley to the far side of Espanola in the east.. When it seemed that they reached the Taos Mountains they moved from the south of our field of vision to the north along the mountain line. 
How many times did this occur? Many. Perhaps 10 or 15 times with individual 4 pointed lights. 

When the lights reached the opposite side of the valley in the east they moved along the mountain line ridge. Sometimes they would just hover there just above the mountain. Sometimes one light would move right up to another, stay a while then move away again. 

When they were on our side of the valley they all appeared as 4 pointed lights. 

Helios said that they were Merkaba, a type of craft that contains high level conscious beings and they were putting on a particularly good show for us tonight. 

So then the rational mind starts to get ancy. You’d been hanging out in altered state now for a while and rational mind wants to butt in. What could they be? Los Alamos was not far away. Could it be something to do with them? Some kind of craft they have? The mind really starts to chatter and get demanding. Helios says he had seen this before in other places. He went on to say that he had been seeing ships since he was 12 years old. Now, at 25, he had developed a rapport and he could ask them to come. It was, as far as he knew, his life’s work and mission to take people to see the ship. 

My mind went on for a while, thinking insanity was about to consume me. Helios put his arm around my shoulder and said it was all right. They had all been through it. The mind is defensive and wants to hold onto its own beloved version of reality. Now it would have to change. It was like birthing pain. Soon the anguish would be over and a new life experienced.

It was a tumultuous time. My life had once again become filled with radiant faces with laughing eyes. Living in Santa Fe was more than I had anticipated. Much more electric than Taos. Taos is West on the wheel. Earth, slow, cyclic, deep in mystery, death, rebirth. Ancestors calling. 

Santa Fe is the Sun, East, Illumination, revelation, transformation, and experimentation, new science. Merging science. Running at the speed of light those gather there who are attracted to the energy. Who are willing to ride the highest levels of repatterning, reprogramming, and transformation. Place of the Star People. 

I didn’t see Helios or his crew for a while. I had to work night shifts and was pretty occupied in my new home and with clearing up karma from my past experiences in Kansas City. 

I had become close with a man there named Ron. It was a very difficult relationship for me. He was very creative and energetic in spite of the Multiple Sclerosis. Our attraction was magnetic and very physical and before long we were living together despite my better judgment. I will not go into the details of this relationship as it is highly personal but some interesting things did come out of it that I will explain. 

I spent several months trying to leave him. It was one of the most difficult changes I have ever made. No matter what I did or said he would find a way to bind me in closer. He had a lot of emotional stuff and he used it to gain favor and sympathy. More than once he found me on my way out the door and before the night was over we would be embraced in passion. 

Because I had originally gone to Kansas City to look at the possibility of entering the ministry school of Unity Church I got to meet some interesting people. One young couple that lived not far from me became very supportive in my endeavor to comprehend this relationship and eventually to get away from it. Sara and Rich had provided me refuge when I couldn’t take it. They had counseled when I repeatedly failed to leave. One day Sara said to me. “You know, you make too much out of it. Just walk out the door and don’t look back.” 

Finally one day I had gotten my car fully packed with all my stuff. This was it. I was out of there. But I had to do it in a way that blinded him the best I could. I had this vulnerability to him I could not seem to get a grip on and I knew I must prepare in a way that he didn’t suspect, where my strength, what little I had, did not succumb again. 

He knew my car was packed and ready to go but once again he directed his emotional hooks towards me, doing the same seductions that had worked so well previously. This time it would not. With my failed attempt to leave just the night before I awoke with a renewed commitment to my freedom. 

As usual the Sunday paper lied just outside the door down the staircase to our second story apartment over the old farmhouse. This time, with my slippers on, unwashed, uncombed, I picked up Max, my beautiful pink with cat with turquoise eyes that Ron had given me, and walked down the stairs for the paper with but with my car keys in my hand also. I closed the door behind me and never opened it again. 

A few short hours later I was on the highway heading for Santa Fe with visions of ships in my head. 

Now in Santa Fe, I was safe and creating a new life. To be fair to Ron, I had written him a letter to let him know I was OK and to leave a door open to tie up any unresolved issues.

Finally, Helios called me. He had people he wanted me to meet. We went down to a small town south of Albuquerque to meet with some one who was into sacred geometry. On this trip I was exposed to the teachings in the book, the Keys of Enoch. It was about space ships, at least part of it was, and to Helios it was like his bible. Sacred geometry, root language, ships, ascension teachings, Mayan calendar, keys to many sacred teachings. 

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