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Ships - part 4

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Posted 05-12-2009 at 05:27 AM by Arrowwind09
Updated 09-15-2009 at 05:01 PM by Arrowwind09

About a week later (1983) I attended a workshop by a Randall Baer. He was teaching about crystals and the power of crystal formations, patterns for healing, awakening, and in essence sacred geometry. In the middle of the workshop he held up the book �The Keys of Enoch� 
He said it was the cornerstone of his work and his channeling. Most of his work came from channeling, as that of his wife, Vicky. Was this book their bible too? 

Well, hell. I got the book and at over $150 dollars it was a stretch. And I couldn�t read it. I just couldn�t absorb what it was trying to say. I would read paragraph after paragraph and came out of it with an empty head after an hour of endeavor. But like a good little student I kept reading the empty words over and over. Now I knew how kids in bible school felt.

Finally one day in the midst of my mindless reading something happened. It was like the pages opened up before my eyes and I could see and hear and know what the Keys were trying to tell me. The revelation brought a body rush of energy and I was changed after that. I knew what I did not know before.

Randall Baer, how can I describe him? I don�t think I can so I will not try. I will say that he is into light and sound therapy and sacred geometry and crystals. He does these healings for people. You go to his place and he has a room with a reclining chair and above you suspended from the ceiling is a grid of pyramids made of copper tubing with quartz crystals attached to them along the length of the copper tubing. The room is darkened and music is put on. Things like Steven Halpern through headphones, but I could not say for sure that it was. Then the light show begins and sacred Hebrew letters are projected amidst all the lights flashing around. 

As for how all this made me feel physically I cannot report much except deep relaxation. But it was after this that things started to change. That�s when the Keys started to make sense and when I started to travel consciously in the etheric realm. It is when I learned how to cut cords that bind and when I decided to become a midwife and when I found a book by Frank Alper and decided that he needed to come to Santa Fe to teach me, and of course any other person who wanted such learning.

Frank Alpers books are still available at Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. (I just rechecked and I can not find a link to Franks books at Amazon now but I did find this page. I don't know if it will come up for you. Amazon.com: Prayers to the Great Creator: Prayers and Declarations for a Meaningful Life: Julia Cameron: Books ) and here:
BookFinder.com: Search Results (Matching Titles)
and here is a list of his books:

Frank Alper
Exploring Atlantis, No I
Exploring Atlantis Volume I Related Through the Soul of Rev. Dr. Frank Alper
Exploring Atlantis, No II (Exploring Atlantis) By Alper, Frank
Exploring Atlantis, Volume 3 (III, Three)
Exploring Atlantis. Volume 1 and 2 Only of 3 Volumes
Universal Healing Rays
Universal Law for the Aquarian Age
Frank Alper: Information from Answers.com

These books I just stumbled upon in a metaphysical bookstore. They are written by a new age Jewish man who one day started to channel beings from the lost civilization of Atlantis and even times before. It captivated me. I needed to know more. And most of all I had to learn more about his channeling. Channeling was not new to me but the best way to learn about something is to fully bring it into your circle.

I presented to my sister roommates all my stories of seeing ships of course. They were fully there with me in spirit if not experience. They agreed that bringing Frank to Santa Fe would be a natural progression. 

I called Frank Alper. About a month later he was in my home in Santa Fe. 

Since some of my roommates were adept at the skill of forming workshops already we had a full house scheduled for our sizable living room in no time. It was well over 100 people signed up. I would say that the event pulled every new age wacko out of the woodwork that has been long hiding in Santa Fe and into the light of the event. 

Frank was a very gentle man who picked no bones about anything. At once you felt, or rather should I say, I felt to be in the presence of Father. He emitted a warm supportive and protective envelope of trust and security just by his presence. His aura was huge and could contain many. 

On the day of the lecture Frank stood in our living room near the fireplace. Oaxaca rugs and adobe surroundings filled with skylight made the room especially inviting to the 100 or so people who did arrive. We never did count them all. It was a warm early fall day. 

Then Frank started to speak and all fell silent to the channeling of ancient beings that continue to exist in other realms just next to ours. Their wisdom was profound and I was spell bound. I had never heard wisdom SPOKEN like this by anyone anywhere ever before. It way surpassed his books. My dear friend who "Knew" through her intuitive sense of smell said the the room was heavy with the smell of roses most of the time, but that different entities brought different scents with them. 

The day proceeded with one revelation moving on to the next. People asked question. It was difficult then as much so as it is today to tell you what was said. I was taken by the energy. It was different that reading a book who's words did not find a resting place in my head as reading the Keys of Enoch had in the beginning. These words found a place. But it was almost like they were so sacred I could not voice them. They reside in me today as an energetic imprint and are the fabric of a part of my being. What I can tell you for sure is that in that room on that day we were encompassed in a cocoon of love. All of us. We all felt it and were impacted. Looking into the eyes of the people as they left, well, there was bliss and peace there. We had all been changed. Our hearts and minds had been opened in a new way.

That evening our core group which did include at this time Frank Alper, Helios and his crew, my roommates and a few others who had come to the workshop decided that to top the day off a pilgrimage to the mountain was called for. 

We got into our cars and headed up to the mountain on the west side of Espanola where we had seen ships weeks before. We would just go there and be, play music and celebrate these good feelings. Maybe 20 or 30 people in all. We had a harpist and drummers with us. 

Into the woods we went, to the clearing where I had seen the ships forming geometric pattern high in the sky previously. The music started and many of us just layed on the ground if for any other reason, just to get grounded after the long day of ascension. 

That�s when things really started to happen!

Many of us fell into a slumber and had wild dreams. My dear friend John S (all these Johns!) awoke to tell of being taken in to a ship. Others had the same report. I too fell asleep but did not awaken with such recall. I was awakened by someone to take my attention to the ridgeline of the mountain. I rose, feeling spacey, like I had no body. I could clearly see the auras of those around me. Our bodies were made of light! I looked to the mountain and there just above the tree line was a ship with a red light. The mountain line consisted of two small peaks with small valleys between. The ship slowly, silently moved from hovering in one valley to behind the peak to come out in the next valley. The ship was as close as was the mountain ridge against the sky. You could see the tips of individual pines in the silhouette. It just sat there hovering. Sometimes the red light would turn off and then on again. 

Of all that I saw with this ship, what impressed me the most was the silence. We were silent and the ship was silent. You could breathe in the silence. It was all consuming even though the harp struck cords and the drummers held a steady heartbeat. This ship, so close that if you ran quickly you could be at the top of the ridge and standing beneath it in no time. It stayed with us for maybe half an hour. 

The next day Frank left and I cried when he went. I felt I would never see this new father of mine again. We talked on the phone a few times later. He went on to do work in Europe. Germany, I think. At least that is what I have found on the internet. After he left I spent the next three days collapsed in bed.
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    I guess I had forgotten that Randall Baer projected the letters in his healing sessions. But they were projected on the wall and this has essentially no effect. The letters must be translated into light of brilliant color, the colors of the chakras and then projected into the aura. In this manner the encoded information awakens the astralbody, etheric body and the DNA to perform and higher evolutions of awareness. Some of that "trash" DNA kicks in.
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