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Ships - part 5

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Posted 05-12-2009 at 05:28 AM by Arrowwind09
Updated 10-20-2009 at 07:17 PM by Arrowwind09

I did not understand that my days in Santa Fe would be short. It was the most interesting place I had ever been. The level of energy kept my mind and heart moving at a pace that I really enjoyed.

During my workshop with Oh Shinna Fastwolf, that workshop where I met Helios, I was taught a technique to break bondage to another being. I had been having dreams about Ron. It was like I felt his presence stalking me in the night. Oh Shinna said to take a crystal in your hand into bed with you and try to hold it for the night. Command your self in your dreams to see and travel upon the webs that bind you and when you see the person in your dream who is binding you at the end of the webs slash the webs and be free.

I did exactly this. I saw a white shinning web bound from my solar plexus stretched across space and time that I traveled along and when I came to the end of it there was Ron. I slashed the web with my crystal and sped back to my body. I felt a great relief.

Shortly after Frank Alper's visited I had decided that I needed to go to El Paso to study to become a midwife. I had made arrangements with the school and planned to leave in early September.

Then one day about a week before I was due to depart I awoke with a feeling of trepidation. Anxious and feeling like I was being stalked I instantly decided that I must leave Santa Fe right away. Like immediately. I threw everything in the car, bid a quick farewell to my stunned roommates and found myself in El Paso that night.

When I called to check on my cat a few days later my roommate Joanne told me that Max was fine and that they were delighted to care for him but that Ron had appeared at the door only a couple of hours after I left looking for me. He said that he was in town for a Grateful Dead concert at the Racetrack. They knew of the cutting ceremony I had done in the astral plane so they now clearly understood my flight. I never heard from Ron or saw him again and I often wondered if that cutting of the web saved me from him finding me in Santa Fe. I was quite pleased with the results it seemed to bring.

After I was settled in El Paso I can to understand that my destiny held something else other than Ron, than ships, than the splendors of New Mexico. But I knew not what and I silently mourned inside for people and times that would now be lost to me as I jumped into the mysteries and challenges of becoming a midwife.


I filled our teacups again. The heat from the cups warmed our cooling hands. It was time to stoke Cherokee, the wood stove and prepare for the coming cold at days end. The sun sat low on the horizon over Arroyo Seco and the sky was cast a deep orange and red.

“So, Kathleen, this is how it has been. Do you think me too crazy?”

"I think not."

"What do you think then?"

"I think you have a story that needs to be told. People need to know that creating any reality is within their power...and that the reality that they create is as broad and grande and powerful as their longing and their hearts desire. ...but it will never be created unless they know that all things are possible, as you have known all along, and that the possibilities before you unfold only as you dare to dream and accept as living truth."

The chill of the evening was overcome by Cherokee's fire. I retired for the night knowing that what had happened happened because I had created it and that gave me strength and courage to go on... to move on into further explorations of consciousness and the sacred dream.
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