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Originally Posted by jfh View Post
I agree with your opinion regarding the attempts to alter the pH of the body being the answer to health problems such as cancer. I also agree that the baking soda, or even MMS, needs to contact the cancer directly. I also believe that it is the osmotic shock that does the killing. It would create osmotic pressure on the cells.

There are several causes of cancer. IMO the major cause, in this day, are carcinogens in our toxic environment. The next major cause is virus. Many variants of virus. Take human papilloma virus for example. It is linked to several cancers. Destroy the virus to keep the cancers from forming in the first place. Then next on my list is fungus. Such as aspergillus causing liver cancer. However, I don't consider cancer being a fungus. I also don't believe it can be treated like a fungus. If so, you could inject lactic acid into the cancer; as acid will kill fungus. Acidity is a byproduct of cancer. It does not mean that cancer itself is acidic. Most anaerobic pathogens produce acid. Lactic acid.

Besides, sodium bicarbonate will be influenced by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The body has numerous redundant mechanisms to balance the pH. It even creates its own bicarbonate. When the sodium bicarbonate makes contact with stomach acid, it forms sodium chloride (table salt) and carbon dioxide. Sodium is considered acid forming. Carbon dioxide mixed with water form carbonic acid. Acid, acid, acid.

The best way to deliver alkalinity to the cancer cells is, IMO, ozone. Oxygen raises the pH - high pH is alkaline. The ozone will only be broken down into oxygen. You would need to find a doctor with knowledge of this therapy. Oxygen is a free radical. The body will try to adjust this.

Another cancer therapy is intravenous ascorbic acid. Acid, acid, acid.

I believe that it is the osmotic shock that will kill the cancer; not whether it is acid or alkaline.
I can agree with you about the environmental toxins being a cause of cancer, but do you really think viruses are a cause of cancer too?

I thought the War on Cancer (caused by viruses) died a quick and well deserved death 20 years ago. Guess not.

HPV is a farce. This 'virus' has never been isolated. I can't remember the researcher that takes so much credit for HPV, Von something another, but so far all he or anyone else has produced as evidence for this 'new virus' is some common protiens that aren't unique to anything. They are found everywhere.
Let's see, what is the rate of actual cancer development in women that have these so called HPV protiens...something like less than .3% or something? Been a while since I looked into any of this but that is pretty close. But lots of women have these protiens....and don't develop cancer.

Hhhhmmmm...what is the stronger correlation? .3% of carriers develop the cancer but 99.7% do not. Hell, I like those odds, wouldn't you?

I will roll you one better. What if these protiens actually PROTECT women from developing cancer? Sounds good to me.

And, of course 'medical science' is fast at work developing vaccines against these protiens....10 bucks will get you 100 that if women use these vaccines they will explode with cancer.

Reminds me of another 'viral epidemic' that is an even greater hoax.

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Readers here will be aware that I'm generally skeptical about most health claims until I see convincing evidence.

those of a sceptical nature may want to consider this website for the information it contains that challenges some of Tullio Simoncinis views on cancer anatomy
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