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I like the idea of a vegan diet, but that is about all. Most cutures around the world use protein. To be healthy it is a must. I see that most vegan's use some sort of protein. The majority don't follow a really healthy diet, they think no animal products means health.

A vegan diet can be good for a short time, for the long haul it isn't the best for most people. I have seen people get well on macrobiotics and a raw food diet. That may have been good for them, remember for them to get where they were they had a poor diet. The reason people may do well is they do a low carb diet, and cut out the processed food.

Raising crops the way we do is not green. Grass-fed roaming animals is good for the planet.
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I became vegan (90+%) a year ago and have experienced tremendous benefits including better sleep, more energy, stronger nails, healthier skin and more! As long as you're a whole-foods vegan; eating a wide variety of plants (greens, legumes, cruciferous veggies, etc.) and not a potato chip, jelly bean vegan! Just because it's not an animal doesn't mean it's good for you!
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The liver can only store about 5 years of vitamin B12. Fewer years, if your body really needs it; or you did not get much as a non-vegan.
- Jim
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Here here

Everyone should read this book, vegan, veggie, feather 'n scale, omnivore, whatever... boycott all grains and grain-fed animal sources, and don't eat any soya products (except maybe natto??)

Originally Posted by Ted_Hutchinson View Post
Eades Review of the Lierre Keith book The Vegetarian Myth
I do urge everyone particularly vegetarians and vegans to read this book.

But whatever your current dietary choice this book will make you rethink your ideas about a lot of things that you thought were facts and wonder seriously about the way current farming is going.

The problem is far more serious than you may currently think and everyone, or even more people going vegetarian or vegan will only make matters worse.

Annual crops like Grains are not a sustainable way of managing the soil.
We are wasting our topsoil growing crops that our DNA did not evolve to thrive on.
Lierre Keith sets the record straight. It's extremely well written book but be warned she challenges your current beliefs and makes you wonder how best you should change your ways to improve the long term sustainability of your current way of life.
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Originally Posted by mindmt View Post
and don't eat any soya products (except maybe natto??)
Harder to do this than you think.
I was looking at prescription forms of Calcium and Vitamin D available in the UK and nearly all of them contain hydrogenated soy oil.
While I accept that most older people do need to correct vitamin D status and many will not be getting sufficient calcium in their diet/water there are much safer ways of correcting vitamin D3 insufficiency by using a separate effective strength MCT, OLIVE OR FISH oil based capsule It's easy to avoid the soy oil if you check the ingredients and there is certainly no need for it to be hydrogenated and turned to transfat. We all know what transfat does and force feeding it to elderly people in prescription medicines is simply irresponsible.

What is the form of calcium best handled by humans and you can be sure that's NOT the form in UK prescription medicines but calcium carbonate is.

Calcium citrate malate blend
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Very interesting post here on the effects of gluten It's an excerpt from Rob Wolf's new book. , The Paleo Solution,
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