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Default Oxidants and anti-oxidants

If we are consuming a lot of anti-oxidants, and our bodys are not as oxygen rich as thy should be, are we not hampering part of our own immune system?

From what I am understanding, our body readily uses oxygen in our system to kill pathogens and for other healing purposes. We do not get as much oxygen in our bodys as we used to because of pollution, diet, and our water supply. Why are anti-oxidants so good for us if we are not getting enough oxygen in the first place?

Or is it just not that simple?
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Obviously oxygen is necessary for life, and it is true we are not getting enough oxygen due to pollution, etc.

Having said that, just taking in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide causes a process called "oxidative stress" and since this process damages all the cells in the body, it is the main reason why we do not live forever.

Now, this damage can be reduced with antioxidants, thus increasing our life spans, as long as other factors are addressed, such as proper diet, exercise, clean water, enough sleep, dealing with daily stress, and detoxifying on a regular basis.

It is not possible to prevent aging, however, it can be slowed down considerably.
Let Food Be Your Medicine And Medicine Be Your Food.(Hippocrates)
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