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Default Does The Natural Supplement IP6 Treat Cancer?

I read somewhere awhile ago that the natural supplement IP6 can treat cancer. What is the current update on this research as of now?

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This page should give you some info. Also do a forum search here. Im sure we have threads on it already

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IP6 cancer Pubmed search from this list you can see the kinds are cancers it's been tried with.
As has been pointed out several times IP 6 is probably one of the best iron chelators and getting excess iron out of the equation generally helps. There is good evidence IP 6 appear to enhance the anticancer effect of conventional chemotherapy, control cancer metastases, and improve quality of life so there seems little to lose by adding it to any other treatment regime.

That search produced some 77 papers, some extremely promising, over 23 years.
Doesn't that tell us something about the real reasons why cancer will never be cured. There is too much money to be made out of diagnosing and treating it to take seriously
the most recent paper
Protective effect of inositol hexaphosphate against UVB damage in HaCaT cells and skin carcinogenesis
back in 1997....IP6: a novel anti-cancer agent. Shamsuddin AM, Vucenik I, Cole KE. Life Sci.
Novel anti-cancer functions of IP6
IP6-induced growth inhibition
Suppression of large intestinal cancer

there is no money to be made from Ip6 LOOK HOW CHEAP IT IS and it may be even cheaper if you google/amazon search. It's like vitamin D and melatonin and goodness knows how much other stuff. If it can't be patented and you can't control the market there is no point in paying to research the product. The trouble is that all the cancer charities are in pockets of the drug companies and they simply aren't interested in promoting cancer prevention.
They try to palm early diagnosis off as a prevention strategy but we know it's more often designed to promote cancer incidence you've only got to investigate breast cancer screening.

If you just look at the case of Prostate cancer and read the paper titles and have a look at the freebie papers. Then go to any forum where people have prostate cancer I bet most of them don't know that IP 6 may very likely improve their prognosis, or that it's cheap and safe.

Sorry for the rant. It just gets to me sometimes. Fortunately others here have already discussed the matter.
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This is where i got the information: https://www.lewrockwell.com/sardi/sardi39.html.
But it's 2005 so i thought there would be more research and info on it.
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Heres a brief summary of how IP6 works against cancer and some cancers it has shown to help.

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