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Originally Posted by Thrasymachus View Post
I don't understand why it is so hard for most people to drink plain water.
Because the 'plain' water around here is loaded with chlorine, fluorine, and a host of other injurious organic chemicals.
I'd rather meander for the prevention than race for the cure.
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I recently experienced my first REAL Gout flare up. OWW!! I haven't completely figured out the trigger yet. Luckily, the worst of it only lasted for about half a day & it was a weekend so I was able to rest & elevate my foot. Hoping to avoid taking medicine if I can but as bad as the gout hurts; I will take whatever it takes to make it get better if it happens again!
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Cherries and cherry juice (natural, non-sweetened), has been know for reducing the pain associated with gout. I would certainly try using it as a preventative for any future painful flare-ups...so much better than prescription meds...https://www.natmedtalk.com/f55/23752-...pain-gout.html
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gout protocols

Black Cherry Juice Concentrate
Gout: Black Cherries half pound a day or equilivant amt of juice
To lower uric reduce purines in diet from red meat, organ meats, beans, pea, spinach and yeast, alcohol
Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and folic acid of 40 to 80 mg per day


Pantothenic Acid (vit B5) 500mg 3x day
This will neutralize the uric acid while in the blood. If you do this you will have to add at least 400mg of magnesium citrate and B6 100mg. You must do this also to keep things in balance

You can use very high doses of pantothenic acid. Start with 500mg 3 xd.
Then increase to 1000mg 3xday and after 5 days retest the uric acid blood level. But if they have gout or gouty arthritis where they just feel generally achy you will know that the uric acid levels are coming down because they will feel better. But you have to take the magnesium and B6 also.

On rare occasions you might have to go up to 2500mg 3xday then retest after 5 days. Pantothenic acid is not toxic and you can not overdose. On other rare occasions 3,00mg 3 xday may be needed. You will know how much to take by how you feel after 5 days.
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