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Originally Posted by cyber-junkie View Post
Do lines in your nails mean you are mineral deficient? my nails are clear, no spots but have grown thinner over the years and have some creases/lines in them, a iridologist in my town said this is mineral deficiency and most people suffer from that...is this a correct assessment?
Eating a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and protein will help prevent fingernail lines.To prvent nail abnormalities do not pick or bite nails. Clip hangnails, keep nails short and avoid nail polish.
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Originally Posted by cyber-junkie View Post
Just playing the devils advocate...we nuked Japan in WWII and lot's of products come over here from Japan...Just wanted your thoughts...
First, the U.S. was contaminated in the 1950's and 60's when nuclear bombs were detonated both above and below ground, and these were hundreds of times bigger than those two dropped on Japan in 1945.

Secondly, two small atomic bombs are nothing compared with over 1100 spent fuel rods in the destroyed nuclear facility today. The radiation from these spent rods are negatively affecting the whole world, however, Japan is contaminated beyond any repair and should be completely evacuated.

The Japanese government lied and continue to hide the facts about the true damage, radiation amounts, etc., and tell the general population that as long as they stay 12 miles from the plant they will not be affected.
Let Food Be Your Medicine And Medicine Be Your Food.(Hippocrates)
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I agree with PBD on the Japan issue. This is very tough for the Japanese people but I would not purchase anything from there at this time, especially food or fiber related.

The US has also detonated over 1000 nuclear bombs in the oceans, and that along with other nations doing similar practice its no wonder we arn't all dead. Im starting to wonder if mother earths biology can somehow detox radiaiton. I do know that experiments are going on regarding a biological solution to radiation pollution at some nuclear labs, including the one right down the road from me.

Eat calcium foods and make sure that the stomach acid is sufficient and take vitamin D and you should be OK. Silica has proven to be a very beneficial supplement for many and even young people will quickly respond with better hair and nails in just a month or so. Silica is also an important mineral for bone structure and it is involved in biological transmutation according to some readings, which is when a mineral is transmuted to a different mineral, in this case silica to calcium as the body needs it.
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I've commented on another forum about
Nutrition and nail disease. and checking MAGNESIUM zinc and selenium intakes from the foods you eat may be a good idea as well as improving your BIOTIN intake
So BRAZIL nuts or ALMONDS and raw egg yolks ditch or cook the whites but eat them separately from the raw egg yolk. Maybe an idea to mix the raw egg yolk with natural life yoghurt as that will also improve your gut flora.

Do remember your nails are a reflection of historic nutritional micro-nutrient deficiency status so improving your nutrition now will show up in your nails about 10 weeks time.
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