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Old 02-01-2011, 09:22 PM
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i didn't end up taking it
i don't think it will work and i can't bring myself to take cipro for 28 days
i still haven't got rid of the jock itch and white tongue i got when i took doxy its not as bad as it was but it won't go away.
i think fungis might be the problem so im not keen on ABX

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Old 05-30-2011, 01:42 PM
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cipro for prostatitis. i would like to touch on a couple of things. many people are very worried the harm that antibiotics may have and there body. and also worried about the good bacteria that can be destroyed...

as for good bacteria being destroyed . yogurt has 2 types of good bacteria in it. what are these good bacteria name wise ? can't remember I do have some yogurt in my fridge but to be honest i am to lazy to get up and look. you can probably google it or go to the store and look on some yogurt lol...

but killing good bacteria off has never bothered me ..i figure as many antibiotics as i have taken the good bacteria is probably dead a hundred times over. i do eat yogurt ...though not to replenish good bacteria but because i just really like eating yogurt....

far as side effects

Bactrim - if i took it long enough it would probably kill me. i took it 3 days once and pretty much slept 24 hrs a day it made me feel so bad. bottom lip was so swollen and red it looked like i was hit by mike tyson........

the other effect was the worst..it made the skin on my penis swell up like the top of a mush room. then it made the head of my penis turn at first a red color. then a purplish black color...and it started itching it was so bad my penis could not touch my boxers or it would itch beyond belief....also the head of my penis started blistering and bleeding every where......

made it a max of 3 days and that was it..i was also taking benadryl with it which is for allergic reactions.... i believe that the benadryl probably did help some. with out benadryl who knows i may have been in the hospital....

never did go to a hospital though..and it took about 30 days for my penis to finally get back to normal.........and i was taking
benadryl every single day........

far as other antibiotics go ive taken.....doxycycline actually made my back pain worse during prostatitis ...not sure why but so did levaquin......both made it hurt really really bad at a time when my prostatitis was actually very mild.....i think these medicines were irritating the prostate not really sure.......

cipro I tolerated well..had a tiny bit of joint pain but it was very small......

levaquin good gravy it made me feel like crap. i was very very weak on levaquin... and my ankles were very sore and it got to the point i was literally falling on my butt from my knees giving out.....and at night some times my fingers would stiffen up straight and i would have to take my other hand and pop the fingers down in order to move them.....even as bad as that sounds if levaquin would have worked for me i would have kept taking it months and months if i had to same with doxy...but they didnt work ..

cephalexin did not really have any side effects worth noting other than had to take with crackers. if i didnt it would give me mild diarrhea

rocephin no side effects

ceftin upset stomach and diarrhea. crackers didnt work this time. i had to eat a full meal or it would tear my stomach up and give me the craps ....
which again isn't that bad i guess.......

tetracycline no side effects

avelox no side effects

i can remember being on amoxicillin as a kid for UTI quite a few times. never had any side effects ..but as an adult i was given amoxicillin for bronchitis and the amox gave me the diarrhea craps ..so had to take it with food. strange that it never did that as a id but did as an adult

i took nitrofurantoin before.. many many years ago for a UTI ... i remember it turned my pee purple.... i actually thought it was pretty cool lol. didnt hurt me or bother me but yea nitro can change the color of your urine....just though the purple water was neat to look at

that does it for my list of antbiotics....some of them bothered me lil bit some more than a lil bit. but if i had to i could take any of those antibiotics again accept for sulfa which was a nightmare to take
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Old 05-30-2011, 03:08 PM
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You could probably take trimethoprim without the sulfa
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Old 06-11-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by iwillbecured View Post
You could probably take trimethoprim without the sulfa
really I didn't know they could be taken separate. would be my luck I'd get me some trimethoprim only then It"d turn out it wasn't the Sulfa i was allergic to it was the trimethoprim all along

Fellows you are looking at the most unluckiest man on the planet. I swear if If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all
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