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Default An interesting disclaimer

I just borrowed a book from the library, Pain Free At Your PC, by Pete Egoscue and was attracted to his disclaimer:

As for all my books, I provide a disclaimer with a difference. Instead of the usual "The following material is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a physician," followed by a recommendation that you consult a doctor before following the program that's being offered and a disclaimer of legal responsibility should there be adverse consequences, I take another approach. Don't read this book if you feel you need a protection of a disclaimer and its counsel. I'm serious. Health care must start with personal responsibility.This vital role should not be delegated to any expert. Yours is the ultimate judgment. Any disclaimer that suggests otherwise does a great disservice.
This is the type of disclaimer I always wanted to see, but somehow, never saw. We all have a LOT of books on nutrition, exercise, medication, etc., and what do we see? A disclaimer that we should first consult a doctor (that sure is a big assumption that doctors know best), or that we shouldn't sue for unwanted effects, etc. To me, such disclaimers always reduced the credibility of the works, even if I know that they were just put there for legal reasons. I really can't help thinking that such works are simply saying, "We recommend this, but don't blame us." Why, anyone should easily see that if that's the case, why should I even believe you? Yeah, I know, the lawyers can have a heyday from absence of such disclaimers. But I think you get my point.

As the disclaimer above says, we should take responsibility for our actions, and stop looking for someone to blame. If I'll ever write a book, I'll remember to put a similar disclaimer.

"Don't read this book if you feel you need a protection of a disclaimer and its counsel. I'm serious." -- I really like that. 8) :wink:

Maybe a modification could be a signature to use in health forums?

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Default Disclaimers

I've gotten to where I don't even pay any attention to the
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The above is written for educational purposes only. What you decide to do for your health is strictly your business. Look into all the options carefully and remember that natural remedies may provide you with safe alternatives.
I like my disclaimer. Puts responsibility where it belongs, on the reader, without telling them to go see a medical doctor.
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Regarding product warranties and disclaimers here is one that �I� wrote.
A number of years ago as a Christmas present for a very technically oriented guy that I had done a lot of work for, I made him a desk lamp. It was similar to your typical banker�s desk lamp; it had a heavy wood base, with brass arms on each end holding up a metal shade. It was actually quite impressive looking. I then boxed it up in a very commercial looking manner and enclosed the following information sheet.(?)

Operating Instructions
Initial Setup:
1. Place lamp on desk.
2. Plug power cord into nearest outlet
3. To turn lamp �ON� push switch in center of lamp base.
4. To turn lamp �OFF� push the red side of switch down.

Advanced Operating Features:
1. If you find that you do not have enough light, simply pick up lamp and move it closer to where you are working.
2. If you have too much light pick up the lamp and move it farther away.
3. If the above steps do not provide the correct amount of light, you may remove the existing light bulb and replace it with one that is either brighter or dimmer as required, then repeat the above steps.
************************************************** ************************************************** ****
We are proud of our product and use this warranty to express our confidence in the reliability of our merchandise.

Limited Warranty

For a period of ninety (90) days or ninety (90) minutes which ever come first, the manufacture will replace or repair for twice the original purchase price any unit that is defective in either materials or workmanship. If a defective part or error in design has caused our product to malfunction during the warranty period through no fault of yours, upon proof of purchase, and a sworn notarized statement, witnessed by six (6) reputable individuals stating that you did not in anyway misuse, abuse or mistreat the product, and with return delivery at your expense to the factory we will be happy to discard the unit for you and express our deepest sympathy for your loss.

We proudly stand way behind the products that we sell!

Oh and there was one other little detail about this lamp that was not mentioned under the advanced operating features, and this only became apparent after the lamp had been on for a while. It seems there was a motor in the base running a gear train that caused the shade to swing back and forth, about 4 inch. However it moved very slowly, like watching the hands on a clock move, you could not see it move but every time you looked it was in a slight different position.
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