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Exclamation Nicotine Improves Memory in Elderly (Alzheimer's)

Article about the use of nicotine in the treatment of memory loss in the elderly...

According to the new research, previous short-term studies have already shown that nicotine helps improve memory and attention span in people with Alzheimer's disease. This shouldn't be a huge surprise because nicotine stimulates receptors in the brain that are important for thinking and memory skills and people suffering from Alzheimer's disease are known to lose some of these receptors.

The new study investigated whether nicotine could help people with mild cognitive impairment -- the stage before dementia when people have mild memory or thinking problems but are not disabled. The Vanderbilt University School of Medicine study involved 74 research subjects with an average age of 76 who had mild cognitive impairment and who didn't smoke. Half of the group received a 15 mg. nicotine patch daily for six months while the other half of the study participants received a placebo. At the start of the study, the research subjects were given tests of their memory and thinking ability and these tests were repeated again at three and six months after they were placed on either the nicotine or dummy patch.

At the end of six months, the results were dramatic. Although the placebo group's mental abilities had decreased by 26 percent over this time period, the nicotine-treated group had regained a remarkable 46 percent of normal performance for age on long-term memory.

There were no serious side effects observed the people receiving the nicotine patch, either. Vanderbilt's Paul Newhouse, MD, head author of the study, pointed out in a media statement that the research provides strong justification for further investigation into the use of nicotine for people with early signs of memory loss.

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From Smoking to Cancers: Novel Targets to Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine ReceptorsIt looks like Nicotine can act on the Acetylcholine Receptors but it's simple and healthier to ensure you consume adequate amounts of CHOLINE in your diet.
meeting choline requirement

Why you should eat more (not less) cholesterol

The brain requires cholesterol to function properly. It's people with higher cholesterol levels that live longest.
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I do not believe for one second that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer nor that second hand smoke causes cancer.

Becaue of that I have to toss out that article you put up for consideration.

We have had 3 lung cancers in my small community of 500 people in the last 3 years. None of them were smokers. Out of my many lung caner patients in hospice only a couple were smokers.

They are lying to us. Radiaiton from nuclear testing cause lung cancer and it has swept across our nation like a black plague.
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