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"Dr. Atkins' Age Defying Diet Revolution" is on audio cassette I own. In it Dr. Atkins says to help woman with menopausal symptoms increase their estrogen they can take 30 - 60 mg. of folic acid. That pharmaceutical quantity stimulates a womans body to produce more estrogen.

With the RDA's limit at 800 mcg. for folic acid getting 30 - 60 mg. from supplementation will take a lot of pills. I wonder how his patients did with this protocol and how their overall balance with their other B vitamins did at time progressed.

I wish I could hear some testimonials.
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Default Bee Propolis for Estrogen Deficiency

I never had my hormones tested, and got through my menopausal hot flashes with Red Clover only. Here's some info about using bee propolis for those who are estrogen deficient. Thought it might be worth considering...

Here's something for those of you experiencing the symptoms of estrogen
deficiency, (post-menopause or following a hysterectomy) who are also at risk
for breast cancer (We all are, just some more than others.) Of course, it's
important for you to avoid estrogens and most phytoestrogens. Bee Propolis
offers a healthy, natural approach that's safe and effective.

Bee propolis has very powerful anti-cancer qualities AND helps eliminate hot
flashes and other symptoms of estrogen deficiency without added hormones making
it a preferred choice for women at risk for developing breast cancer.



Here are some of the health benefits offered by Bee Propolis:

Anti-viral; anti-yeast (candida albicans)
Wound Healing
Immune stimulant
Free radical scavenging
DNA protection
Anti-tumour effect
Cancer cell death
Anti-metastatic activity

Here's some good information re: menopause symptoms:

As women continue to seek alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy, a large
amount of clinical trials have proven that organic flower pollen alleviates
symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Organic Flower Pollen is a non-hormone
herbal remedy which relieves hot flushes and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This
is great news for those women who have been seeking answers from natural and
safe pathways of health. In one clinical study, women were randomly given either
organic flower pollen each morning, or two identical placebos for three months
of treatment. The goal was to see whether the herb alleviated the symptoms of
menopause, specifically hot flushes.

The patients were asked to evaluate sixteen symptoms of menopause using
Menopause Rating Scales (MRS) at four-week intervals and on inclusion or the
study. Additionally, certain menopausal symptoms were recorded every day
throughout the study. Among those who received the organic flower pollen,
sixty-five percent responded with a reduction in hot flushes, compared to
thirty-eight percent of those in the placebo group. MRS evaluation of hot
flushes showed similar results demonstrating the benefits of organic pollen
extract. The pollen extract significantly reduced hot flushes and certain other
menopausal symptoms when it was compared to the placebo in this study.

Organic flower pollen also offers one of the safest methods of achieving optimal
health for women. This herb is made from the pollens of seven specific varieties
of organically grown flowers, which are cultivated in the southern parts of
Sweden. Highly specialized processes are then used to produce the pollen
extracts, in turn, simulating the natural pollination processes of flowers by
mixing fresh pollen and pistils. In order to ensure purity, only one type of
flower is grown in each field or greenhouse, and the pollen in the fields is
hand-collected at precisely the right time, before it is collected by bees or
carried away by the wind. A special enzymatic process then extracts the
nutrients from inside the pollen grain, leaving the hard outer shell behind.
This minimizes the allergy potential and makes the extracted pollen very easy to
absorb. Finally, each finished batch is tested to ensure the removal of

Organic flower pollen has been researched in many clinical studies since 1991,
all of which have shown significant improvement in PMS and menopause symptoms
after only two months of continuous use. Although no known direct hormonal
effect has been found in organic flower pollen, those who use it can have the
following results: less bloating and water retention; fewer aches, pains, and
cramps; improved mood and less irritability; more restful sleep; fewer hot
flushes and less sweating; and overall improved well-being.

This herb is not bee pollen, but rather flower pollen that is harvested before
it is gathered by bees. It is an extremely nutrient-dense substance that has
been used for a long time in the treatment of many different conditions and
diseases. Pollen from one plant has an entirely different pharmalogical effect
than other pollens. Bee pollen contains an unknown variety of pollens because
the bees collect from a number of different flowers. Organic flower pollen is a
specific blend of seven distinct cultivars, each of which is organically grown
in organically cultivated fields and greenhouses.

Courtesy of https://www.BeePropolis.org
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Originally Posted by Arrowwind09 View Post
My doc doubles the dose of the prescription then I split them and take half of that twice a day... that saves me $30 a month... before it cost $60

My doc also insists that I take lugols iodine every day as iodine will help prevent ill effects of bad estrogens. I have absolutley proven this out on myself a couple of times.. I strongly recommend it.
Great Arrowwind09, I love that your doctor doubles your prescription so it's more economical.

I read yesterday that caffeine can increase estrogen by 70%!!!!! I cracked up when I read it. Caffeine is good - no, caffeine is bad - no, it's good - no, it's bad. Actually, if I'm dehydrated, have adrenal fatigue or sugar metabolism issues then it's bad. But, if I'm low in estrogen it's good.

kind2creatures, thanks for the heads up on red clover tea. I purchased a pound of it from Mountain Rose herbs several months back so it's time for me to drink up. I've enjoyed it these past couple days thanks to your suggestion.

Has anyone heard of children having unbalanced hormones? I'm beginning to wonder if low hormones have been why I'm who I am - personality wise - because depression/anxiety has been a part of me from young childhood.
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