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Default How can i get my ovulation and cycle back?

My journey started 17 months ago.. I was newly remarried to a wonderful man who didn't have any children of his own. After our honeymoon he told me that he would love to have a child with me.

I was excited and worried at the same time because I was 46. I still was having cycles but they were irregular. After 3 months I decided to better our chances by going to a fertility acupuncturist. That is when I was informed that I probably had just mis-carried. I did their fertility cleanse and conceived 2 months into the program only to mis-carry at 6 weeks.

That is when the acupuncturist thought I needed more progesterone and prescribed large doses of Wild Yam. After 2 cycles my flow was getting lighter and shorter. I told him that the wild yam was suppressing my cycle and sure enough my cycles stopped. I quit seeing the acupuncturist and I didn't have a cycles for 5 months.

I had also quit my high stress job around the same time. I wanted my cycle back and I needed answers. I had a saliva test done which showed I had stage 3 adrenal fatigue. She prescribed for 90 days: DHEA, Wild Yam (small dose), Red Licorice, and Pregnenolone. After a month I had a light cycle, and the following month another light cycle, a few days early. BUT I was at the end of the treatment and money.

My cycle went dormant again. I took 1,600 Vitex a day and I only lightly spotted the following month so I stopped. I haven't had a cycle for 60 days now. 2 weeks ago I went into a holistic practitioner and had a session where the lady said I was trying to ovulate on my right side, but my eggs were mushy. She said that my progesterone was fine but my estrogen was low. She felt that she could help me and that I could conceive. She prescribed, Vitamin D3 (at night with dinner along with Calcium and Magnesium), Phyto-estrogen capsules (very early morning, empty stomach) to help rebuild my estrogen, which I have been taking for 13 days now (8 caps for 8 days and then 6 caps for another 15 days).

I have another appointment tomorrow to check my progress. But I am having more night sweats and I feel overheated in the afternoon since downing the dosage to 6 caps a day, which makes me feel this is not working for me. I wanted to gain my ovulation back so I can start having my cycles again, rebuild my health and then start trying to conceive... all naturally. I am looking for guidance on which way to approach this, there is so much information..

I have seen online like DIM Plus by Nature's Way, Smoky Mt. Estriol Cream, Maca, and Grapefruit Juice (for ovulation) I did go to my gynecologist to confirm my mis-carriage and was tested the following month and was told I did ovulate. My resources are very limited since I am not currently working and have no insurance. I am sorry, I hope I communicated my thoughts well, I find it hard to focus and to think clearly at times, due to the hormonal imbalance and ringing in my right ear.

If someone can recommend articles or books or online help or supplements... is very greatly appreciated.

Blessings to you and yours.
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I'm not an expert by any means, but I went through menopause very naturally, only using Red Clover supplements for symptoms such as hot flashes.

No offense intended at all, but in my opinion, I feel that trying to conceive over the age of forty five is not advisable. This is the time many of us are starting to go through menopause, and using any means to go against what's natural for a woman, by using hormones, or other supplements is not really the best path to take. Also, many women who give birth at this age, have babies who suffer with disabilities. High prices to pay for both mother and child.
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While in Korea, I was introduced to a supplement made from pomegranate seed extracts. Apparently, estrogen contained in pomegranate is an exact match with our own and this company had some 'proprietary method' for extracting the estrogen out of the seeds so that they are easily absorbed by the human body.

Any how, I was gifted some of this stuff (I am a dude) so I gave it to my wife. I did not know when she began taking it but after a week, she... eh hem... attacked me in that x rated way. And she claimed that her period a week after that was much more consistant. (She's in her 40's as well) Any how, I read and heard from the distributor amazing claims (including many women experiencing ovulation after years of thinking it was all over)

Not sure if I am allowed to post specific product links but even still, I am not sure about the availability of this product in the US. You might look into US manufactured pomegranate seed based supplements though. . .
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Royal Jelly might work for you.

It's not impossible, though I have to agree with K2C, at over 45 you are cutting it very fine to say the least and there can be health issues for the child with older mothers.

I wish you well either way.

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royal jelly is very good for the eggs also start eating foods like advocados, eggs, full fat milk and nuts like brazil nuts, hazlenuts, walnuts ive been talking to a fertillity doctor and this is what she has told me to eat for 6 months while taking maca vitex and royal jelly (all capsules) just turned 27 and hoping i will ovulate at somepoint lol but another thing is do not stress yourself be happy and look forward to making a family i use this website just google natural fertility info it is great support....
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You must go see a natural-pathic Doctor. Much can be done with supplements and natural hormones, but without nutrition, they too are useless. In my opinion, the reason it it risky for women over forty to conceive is because of how toxic our eating habits and environment have become.

Start here
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First of all, does the doctor think it is a good idea for you to have a child? I know many women who are already post-menopausal at the age of 46. You stated that your cycles are irregular. Your body may already be going through the process. It might not be a good idea to be trying to get pregnant right now.
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