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I believe there is something very good about structured water. There's too much science on it to ignore it. Every little detail matters IMHO. Dr. Mercola says you can structure your water by placing it in the refrigerator to get the tempurature to 38 degrees. At 38 degrees the water will be structured. Afterwards, I take it out and leave it at room temperature when I'm ready to drink. I like to drink water at room temperature. (It's easier on the stomach.) If you want to vortex the water then stir it with a spoon before you take a drink.
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concerning the vortex of water: there is a specific angle that is aimed to be achieved by this method. im not sure the precise angle, but here is a picture
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Default Interesting

Hello from Oz.
My mother had a saying "Maybe it is mind over matter but if it is then I don't mind and it doesn't matter"
I purchased a home distillation unit one month ago, I chose it for the following reasons;
No filters that have to be replaced - so I know I wont get to the point of leaving them in just a little longer to save $ thereby letting the "junk" seeping through.
Our water supply is fluoridated.
I saw the sludge inside the supply pipe to the building when it burst.
Electricity is part of my rental.
I was reluctant to trust bottled water or the bottles it comes in.

So far I have found. My coffee tastes great and it feels "soft" on my lips and tongue.
Because of this soft feeling I decided to warm some water and soak my feet - only half really as I didn't have a big enough container - so toes and balls of feet. The first two times I did this I was left with a white powdery substance around the edges of all my toenails very thick and hard to get off. That has stopped happening. Here's the part that doesn't make sense, my toenail fungus is almost gone, just soaking in this water??? when most anti-fungals contain fluoride????
Veg cooked in it tastes better.
My bowel movements have changed for the better.
This is definitely proof that I'm losing it - it sounds different when you boil it - I swear it does - honestly - less clatter.
Remember my mum's saying.

I'm taking a multi vitamin and mineral supplement.

I wish I could afford to do something about the water for the shower, I smell the chlorine so much more now. I have cystic acne and I bet it would improve.

A little off topic, I'm going to have all my amalgam fillings removed and replaced, under a scheme for chronic illness. Also hoping to find a Lyme literate doctor or naturapath here in Sydney preferably the latter because I don't think I can afford the medical treatment - bloods have to be sent to the US - our health system doesn't cover Lymes as they say we do not have it here!
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