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Default Question regarding MMS

First post here. I've made some research regarding MMS and I've reached a point where I want to try it. Rather than purchase the actual product, I prefer to make one myself. So here are a few questions:

1. Where do I get to buy Sodium Chlorite? Been having trouble getting this ingredient in the Buffalo, New York area.

2. If I cannot buy Sodium Chlorite, is it possible I can make one (there is said to be instructions online doing so, but not sure if it's Sodium ChloriTe or Sodium ChloraTe)?

3. Referring to question 2, can Sodium ChloraTe be used as an alternative to making MMS aka Chlorine Dioxide? What instructions are there to make one if possible?

4. Referring to questions 2 and 3, do I need to adjust the pH level of water in order to get the formula right? How do I do that?

5. How should the Sodium Chlorite/Chlorate and in turn, MMS1, be stored and handled properly (heard they are quite unstable)?

6. What is the shelf life of Sodium Chlorite/Chlorate?

7. Referring to questions 5 & 6, how should MMS be handled, stored, and its shelf life?

8. When taking MMS, if I decide to stop taking it anymore, should I quit cold turkey or do I need to take something to neutralize the Chlorine Dioxide in the body?
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Hi Bill, please do more reserch at jimhumble.biz as some of your questions should be unnessary. Q1; Yes it is hard to get in small quantities, 50Kg tub or metal barrel through a lagitamate business. Maybe become an importer and sell it yourself ? Q2 yes it is explained on youtube how to make it with low voltage electrolisis and salty water. Q3 ONLY NaClO2 (sodium chlorite) has the correct molecules for the job. Q4 please refer to Q2 answer. Q5, 6 and 7 are in Jim's E books and, Q8 No there are no lasting efects of taking MMS, any efect of MMS is over in a couple of hours, any further efects are the dead disease pathergens leaving the body. If you are well why take it? If you are ill take it to get well, it is a disinfectant not a supliment.
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