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Default Question Nattokinase

There is a supplement that combines nattokinase with serrapeptase. Does nattokinase do the same thing?
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I took Nattokinase gelcaps for several years, as prescribed by my naturopathic practitioner, to reduce fibrinogen in my blood. Then I learned about a Serrapeptase capsule that could be opened and the powder dissoved in distilled water and inhaled with a nebulizer. It was my understanding that Serrapeptase consumed only old dead tissue and scar tissue and left healthy tissue alone, so I felt that it would be ideal to clean out the damage done to my lungs from 40 years of smoking and many bouts of pneumonia. I didn't take Serrapeptase long enough to be sure that it was working, but I don't see why not.

Nattokinase was very slow about lowering the fibrinogen, but I believe my heart problems probably would have started much sooner if I hadn't taken it. After coming off of a week of life support in early March, and testing my fibrinogen in May it was 278...a few years before it was 555 when first discovered. On 9-01-2010 it was up to 382. Normal is 150 to 400.
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They are both enzymes. They do the same thing as far as opening the arteries. Serrapeptase breaks down scar tissue, supposedly all over the body, organs as well as arteries. Nattokinase will dissolve blood clots and prevent aggregation of red blood cells. https://www.raysahelian.com/nattokinase.html

The only worry is that you should not be taking anything that thins the blood.
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Thinning the blood is essential if you are at risk for blood clots. The best way to know is to have a blood fibrogen study done as Nightowl mentions.

Both products have anti-inflammatory effects.. But if you don't need blood thinning don't use the nattokinase. If you have blood clot happening it is the choice as it should get rid of it in a couple of days.

Serrapeptase is better for roto rooter of vessels, reducing inflammation, arthritic conditions. go to www.serrapeptase.net and www.serrapeptase.info for info.. since stroke risk due to clots is pretty common in our society I think people about the age of 55 should get their fibrogen levels checked periodically and have a bottle of natto in the cabnet just in case.
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