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Default Help Combining Supplements for prostatitis

My husband has suspected chronic prostatitis + a urether infection going on/ + unrelated digestive issues - ulcers in duodenum/hiatus hernia/gastritis/ possibly recurrence of HP bacteria as well.Age 37. Has been sufferring severe on going hip/pelvic pain, seems to be relieved a little by warming massage. Has pain in upper legs/ burning inside urether and a nagging pain down there as well which means he is constantly uncomfortable and restless. Has trouble sitting/driving. Suffers anxiety/low mood/ difficulty sleeping. Was diagnosed with low vit D at level 13 /now up to 36 in a few months and joint pain is gone. Been prescribed endless antibiotics, without results.I'm keen to get him off anti biotics and desperate to avoid him starting yet another course. I have all of these and am trying to come up with a treatment plan/best way to combine without him feeling totally overloaded:

just bought acidophillus - best on empty stomach
just bought quercitin - best on empty stomach

so thinking to start the day with these /twice a day

mastic gum - he currently takes 1 every morning ( feels irritated if takes at night).....good thing is that it cuts down the number of times he feels the need to take omoprazole.

we have Natural Calm magnesium which I was trying to get him to take twice a day, but thinking maybe to give this at night time instead.

we have krill oil capsules and not sure whether to continue alongside everything else( with meals/?)

I have bought turmeric capsules - to take after /or with meals?

I have bought black strap molasses - thinking 3 times weekly with warm milk

I have bought Native remedies UTI Clear + Prostate Doctor - not sure whether to add those in first thing in the morning along side quercitin + acidophillus or whether this is all going to be too much.

Also bought kokora mens cream.

What I need help with is where to start and how to dose - the issue right now is a pain issue ( inside urether is the main pain + hips). I'm keen to start acidophillus straight away to start putting back some good bacteria, but don't know where/how to start really with all the rest.

We have been to doctor + urologist but all they do is prescribe anti biotics and they have no effect whatsoever. He did have a DRE and urologist said felt normal, though he did not mention to the urologist at the time that it did feel painful + burning when examined - doctor said burning + pain probably caused by piles and that it was normal and will settle - it has got a little better with time. Doctor says prostatitis would cause severe sharp pain - he does have pain and it can get really bad and has been on going for a few years, but he only went off to urologist recently due to burning in urether - could be linked ( we think) with prostatitis.

Had a scan - urologist said normal apart from what he described as a "flip" shape on prostate, but said nothing to be concerned about an dif he wants he can have cytoscopy - he gets very anxious so keen to steer clear of that for now and see if we can try to approach this from the angle that it is probably chronic prostatitis and see if any natural supplements may help to put things right.

Any input will be much appreciated,thank you.

also bought selenium + zinc supplement

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also wanted to mention that pain is focussed on lower left pelvic region.

Have bought selenium + zinc and thinking of starting like this:

phase 1
acidophillus + quercetin on empty stomach
mastic gum

krill + turmeric on full stomach

black strap molasses 3 times weekly/or daily to start with - with food/after food

phase 2 ( after completing half of the turmeric course?/ after 2 weeks?)

acidophillus with Native remedies uti + prostate doctor on empty stomach
mastic gum

then krill + selenimu & zinc supplement on full stomach/after meals

magnesium at night/evening

continue with molasses
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I have had good results for prostate issues with Saw Palmetto and for bacterial problems with Neem Leaf in tea form....the neem will taste real bitter but up to now it has worked for me....I usually boil water, then pour it in my cup, add one tea bag, cover it with a plate and let it stand for like 30 mins...the tea bag can't contain more than 1 gram of leaf or powder....and for my prostate i take 4 caps of 500mg of saw palmetto every day
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