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Default Arnica and Wound Healing

In a randomized double-blinded, parallel-group study involving 88 patients who underwent foot surgery (hallux valgus surgery), treatment with Arnica D4 (10 pillules taken orally, 3 times/day) was found to reduce wound irritation as effectively as diclofenac sodium (50 mg taken orally, 3 times/day), with significantly less side effects.

Reductions in rubor, swelling, and calor were found. Improvements in patient mobility were greater among those who received Arnica D4, rather than diclofenac sodium, while improvement in pain was greater among those who received the diclofenac sodium.

Adverse effects were found among 9 patients who were taking diclofenac (20%) and only 2 patients (4.5%) in the Arnica D4 group.

The authors conclude, "After foot operations, Arnica D4 can be used instead of diclofenac to reduce wound irritation." The authors add that Arnica D4 is also economically a superior choice, being that it is 60% less expensive than diclofenac.

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Bravo. Absolutely - Arnica is one of the most widely used natural compounds in even conventional medicine. Its used in many countries emergency rooms for bruise reduction as part of immediate/ongoing aftercare for trauma wounds too.
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Yes, there are a number of plastic surgeons who use arnica pre and post op now too!

A keynote symptom of arnica is that the person will deny there is an injury, or will say that the injury is inconsequential or may be unaware of the injury.

One day my friend came over and asked me about the bruise on my leg. "What bruise?", I said.

I looked down and there was a huge dark purple bruise at least 7 inches across with a lump in the middle. After straining my brain I recalled that I had rammed the car door into it about 2 days previously but was so occupied with kids and groceries I gave it no mind.

After a 30c dose of arnica the bruise was 50 percent gone the next day and the lump in the center gone. 2 days later with a repeat dose, it was fully gone.

Not all arnica cures are that remarkable... but when they are you are quite thankful.
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Ah yes I hadn't considered the use of Arnica by plastic surgeons, but I imagine that must surely be one of the biggest growth areas for its use now that I think about it. They're often intent on their patients having positive cosmetic results as soon as possible too, and I'm sure they'd be willing to try anything which had as good a reputation for bruise reduction.
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